Int. NYC - Early Evening
I walked around a bit until I came to the Center of my universe. I was there to meet a new friend. Little did I know that we would become more than just friends. We were destined to become besties, lovers and married after 13 years of cohab. 3 years in Manhattan & the rest in NJ up to current time. But at the beginning of our life together I could only imagine my future and I was determined NOT to spend it alone.

When a writer takes on a project to create a script it’s a commitment much like a marriage vow. You commit to writing at least a 120 page idea which translates to 1 minute per page of either action, dialog or both. Your script will have characters, arcs for those characters, a plot, a twist, music, an emotional pull for the audience to grasp and become involved with and if you are lucky your script will get picked up by a production company and you will develop a fanbase commonly called a FANDOM for your show.

FANDOMS are very influential in the development of your script, characters, dialog and plot. They can literally influence your decisions about all of those points, especially if your script becomes a popular TV show like #EVIL, #KILLINGEVE, #THEGOODFIGHT, #SUCCESSION….you get the idea. Executive Producers sometimes tease fans about a certain plot point or, In the case of some Hollywood writers they will take fans suggestions and run with them. (You cannot copyright an idea so if they take your suggestion – be happy)

A popular example I love to discuss with others is Producer BRYAN FULLER’s allegiance to his fandom for the TV series #HANNIBAL. He literally created several endings in this series’ Last season to appease the ardent fans. His creative choices were influenced by the ardent fans of that series. On some level the other gay Showrunner, RYAN MURPHY will also listen to the fandom and take a piece of what they suggest to heart and you may see it on your TV set.

#TVSeries or #MiniSeries’ are popular now as are #DOCUMENTARIES. There are so many on a variety of subjects like #TRUECRIME, #SERIALKILLERS, #MISSINGCHILDREN and #FAMOUSPEOPLE who are now dead. Each of these shows are connected to #socialmedia sites, #fandomfiction sites and #networksites that advertise for the series’ on their platforms.

COGNITIVE FUNGUS PRODUCTIONS LLC is a multi-media company that works with music, Film & Theater Scripts & their Readings moving into finding investors/funding, and we are also a production company that films other people’s readings, actor headshots and rehearsals. We also film Music Videos & 10 min comedy sketches for contest placements.


We have several ambitions we face with this blog and with this website but the main ambition is to spread our music far and wide. We don’t care if you bootleg our song off of #youtube. Download them and put them on your phone!

Our largest presence is on #INSTAGRAM

If you are also on Instagram come follow us and listen to our music & follow us on Youtube!

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