We have two business Visa credit cards from PNC Bank for our business. This last year I had them online at some vendor sites but they kept getting hacked so I took them offline. Lately I had a charge that was fraud from a WEIS Market in Pennsylvania for $175 dollars which I did not make that transaction and it was fraud.

Trying to get in touch with PNC Fraud and for them to take off the fraud charge is hard and it would have been easier for me to get a root canal than get in touch with these people. After both my card and my partner’s card were hacked – PNC stopped us from using both and now I am totally without any card. My muffler’s pipe to the exhaust came loose and I will need under $200 to pay for the replacement by Jan 10 2023. If I don’t get those cards soon I will just them them to forget about it – and get another business card from another vendor.

PNC has long futile waits on the phone – coupled with music from hell and a voice telling you how long you will be waiting and what number you are on the call. I’m done with this kind of bank that increasingly does the worst job it can possibly do between departments. One doesn’t know what the other is doing for customers. Don’t they write this shit down?

So either my two cards will be delivered on Wednesday12/28/22 by Fedex or I will get them later in this week OR


I am currently looking for better cards because this bank is going downhill faster than shit in a bag. I mean, every time I called the business banking for credit cards No one knew when and if the cards went out. It seems though that on 12/23/22 when I last called screaming at them – they were being ‘RUSHED” to us to be delivered by Fedex on Wed. Then when I called today I was told they weren’t coming on Wed (tomorrow) but the rush was usually not overnight but in 3 full business days.

If you listen to PNC workers on the phone the confusion is a real thing. These people are dumb and when I asked them multiple questions I was put on hold for the longest time (10 mins).

PNC do better. You don’t even give people interest so DO BETTER. it is hard to abandon this credit card because they gave us a lot of credit but how much crap do we have to endure to get what we need?

I applied for an Apple Pay credit card which I received with a large credit amount – it’s physical card we will get soon but having a credit card online under Apple security feels satisfying.

So. We. Wait.

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