Cause everything is just erupting right now in my life. Mostly for the good except for SIL issue.

So when I write about other creatives I try to understand what is happening in their lives. Take for example LIZZO who is a beautiful woman singer/rapper who plays the classical FLUTE much to my amazement. I have not seen her in a concert or in person, so I wouldn’t have know that is what her instrument is. The nice article came off of the HuffPost which was about #sirjamesgalaway an Irish folk musician who wrote to her on social media claiming he is her #1 fan.

It was really a nice article and she was beaming and he was happy, too. This is exactly what people need to do, myself included. Drop your pretenses & don’t judge others – let them reveal themselves to you, one note at a time. Who would have thought Lizzo & Galaway would be interested in each other’s music? I wouldn’t have thought so – I love Irish folk music and I especially LOVE ST PATTIE’S DAY when everyone in the world is Irish and we are that much closer to Spring and warmer weather.

Sure there are rotten apples in the bunches of people know and see every day but enjoy the fruitful good apples and kick the rest to the curb. We need to find our center again as a people in a United country.


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