EMANCIPATION – Will Smith Movie

We are watching EMANCIPATION tonight. It is 12:16am 16 mins into the new year and we are remembering some of the terrible milestones that happened online between the WOKE crowd & their wanting to bring down symbols of the old south, which I totally disagreed with; to the opposition of the uber right that holds everything evil – dear.

To recount the evil anti-slavery remarks on social media platforms and anti-semitic on those same platforms is unacceptable in 2023 or any other year. I blame the education system who pushed through people without incentive to actually learn something. They did not go to college nor did they go to trade school. Many of them have absolutely no skills whatsoever to make them productive citizens. So they hate. They hate others who took the initiative to learn, to grow and to work with the skills they learned.

Taking down the statues and putting up new statues of dead black civilians who died suicide by cop is wrong if the statues of the Confederacy are gone. I see it as a CAUSE (SLAVERY, THE SOUTH & THE CONFEDERACY) & EFFECT (the victims of police brutality in the 21st Century and before), Keep them both up or one day all of them will be forgotten. If cities object to having these reminders in their midst put them into museums but don’t sell them to private rich citizens who will just keep them in their homes as a matter of pride.

Our American History is important and these are symbols of a very bad time in our history. We weren’t here but people who come after us will surely hear about the slavery in the south of our country. If they don’t teach that – all is lost. We will repeat these offences again because we were not reminded. We will have forgotten. This CAN NEVER HAPPEN IN AMERICA AGAIN.

PETER was a slave treated like a dog. He had a wife and 4 children. He was a proud Haitian and a slave. He survived Louisiana swamps to make it to Lincoln’s army in Baton Rouge. He became a member of the Union Army and later found his wife and children and they were all free. They called him GORDON but in America he was WHIPPED PETER

There are all kinds of slavery in the world. HUMAN TRAFFICKING, HOMELESSNESS, PRISON, DRUG AND ALCOHOL ADDICTION and the list goes on and on. We must continue our fight to end these and other means of slavery in our country. There should be NO POOR PEOPLE in this United States.

Lastly, and I know everyone saw the “slap” heard around the world when #willsmith open handed #chrisrock at #oscars2022. However, I got to write this – his performance in this film is noteworthy and worthy of another Oscar for this film but since he’s been suspended he won’t win shit which is dead wrong. I know what he did was emotional and on behalf of his ridiculous wife but acting is a skil. It’s an artistic way of being someone completely different than yourself. Will Smith has come a long damn way and frankly he deserves it-dude worked hard to get to where he got in life. If anyone should be shunned it’s his wife, #JADAPINKETTSMITH who instigated that nonsense with A LOOK.

That’s my opinion. I urge you to watch this film. From a writer’s Point of View (POV) it’s a wonderful script. From an acting pov it’s brilliant.

Have a great NY Day


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