Another TV Series That Influenced our Music is 3 SEASON SHOW – HANNIBAL


was written and produced by Bryan Fuller who, unfortunately, creates great characters who eventually end up in a homosexual scenario because he is a gay man. Unlike Ryan Murphy of #AmericanHorrorShow where characters are already established as part of the community. I got nothing against gay people but will state that we are all part of the Human Community and should not be boxed into one or the other.

We were fans of the show up to the last season and then Fuller ruined the show by proposing that WIll, the lead character & protagonist and Hannibal, his antagonist (rival, enemy) the serial killer better known as the CHESAPEAKE RIPPER in the series fall in love with each other. I didn’t see that coming as a writer and know that it is contrived. Fuller a gay man infatuated with dogs and his sexuality convinced by the fandom to break the sexual tension between the two men (both actors are straight and friends) by creating a gay scenario between them. My writer instinct said NOOOOOOOO! While my fan instinct also said NOOOOOO!

Here’s the reason why – the tension between them was thick for seasons 1-2 and by the end of two the character that Laurence Fishburne played, Jack Crawford, was involved in the vendetta against Hannibal which played out in Europe – France to be exact only to be met with LOVE between the two leads who were involved in a cat and mouse game VERY MUCH THE SAME AS #KILLINGEVE.

So we wrote a song about it & the words are applicable to the show but can be construed as a song about twisted love. There are a lot of different songs that are not what they seem.

Take THE POLICE song #EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE. Every wedding or engagement back in the 1980s I went to played that song. One couple had that as their first dance song at their wedding. In Reality the song is about a STALKER. When this was revealed recently by Sting I laughed so hard thinking about all those people I knew back in the 80s who used that song as a love song. 2 of them are now divorced and loathe each other.

This is the song we wrote called EAT THE RUDE which is what the TV series used as a #catchphrase whenever Hannibal was angry at someone he would kill them in a very distinct tableau and then EAT THEM because he thought of them as RUDE.

The Influence it had on us is that we were so involved with the storyline and the music in the show was haunting. Everything about the actors was amazing and the way the show was shot – many shots in extreme close up you could actually see their face twitch or the lines on their foreheads, the way they reacted to each other. One of the most amazing shows on TV before Fuller screwed it all up with his gay fantasies. I have fantasies too but not about sex. That’s a guy’s thing until the day they die. I used to work as a candy striper when I was 16 for a hot minute and the old men in the nursing homes were sometimes found on top of the older ladies in their rooms doing the horizontal rumba. It was gross and put me off sex for a time and definitely put me off that job so I didn’t stay long. One time one of the horndogs came up to me and winked and if I could have decked him and gotten away with it – I would have.

I digress again. Sorry about that. Needless to say, their continuing stories throughout the 3 seasons were shot through a beautiful crystal clear lens and the rest is television history. We rewatched a season last year and it still had its lure. What a beautiful series it was!

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