This is our opinion. So we are not right nor are we wrong we just are. If Assault Weapons (guns) used in Mass Shootings were banned that would be a good start.

In 1994 there was a ban on assault weapons (guns per ce) but not on the big guns we have today and at that time there were several loopholes that people got away with.

Today, if we had a bill that blocked the sale of all assault weapons no matter the size, plugging the loopholes of 1990s and forcing people to go back to using regular weapons to go hunting with, our problems with mass shootings will end or at the very least be fewer. Cops are also at fault for not knowing how to use these guns properly instead using them in the field and killing innocent unarmed citizens; mostly ghetto & poor people.

Today, If I were to go to the cinema I always sit on an aisle seat, look around constantly to see who is coming or going through exits and basically am distracted during the movie enabling me not to properly get into the plot. So that’s why I stay home and stream all the movies I want to see & I pay for internet & the streaming websites I use are always online whenever I want to see something.

We have no problem with people owning a handgun, or a rifle but the gun owners will tell you that it is against their rights and part of 2A (amendment) that they should be able to buy and have in their homes any sort of weapon to protect their families. I think they are wrong and if you look at the statistics of other countries who do not allow assault weapons you’ll see that their crime rate is lower. We believe that no one has the right to own an assault weapon that can basically take out a platoon of people in a public setting. Your rights don’t supercede others lives in America.

Also another factor is that our MILITARY sells these surplus guns to our police forces and in turn they sell to gun stores and the public who are mostly members of the NRA who approve these gun sales to the public. It’s a vicious cycle that does not end until our Military ends their selling of assault weapons and other surplus to our national police force.

Thoughts and comments are appreciated. Please keep it civil. We are not always going to agree on issues so let’s make sure we can discuss these issues which are hot buttoned issues with clarity and sincerity & without being angry.

Thanks. Please feel free to leave a comment.


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