I believe Parents should be able to pass a background check & be vetted to have a child….

There are tons of MASS SHOOTINGS IN THE UNITED STATES but we are NOT united on its solution. Most of us think Assault Weapons should be banned and anyone owning one should go to war in a foreign country. What do you need that kind of weapon? To shoot DEER? Really? If you shoot a deer or a rabbit with an assault weapon you won’t have that animal to take home and eat because that kind of weapon destroys everything in its range.

When we had 13 colonies our 2nd Amendment meant something to form a militia to fight against our enemies – aka ENGLAND, FRANCE and any other country who wanted take over little America starting out.

Not so today. Today we have 50 states and several commonwealths and tons of guns in the hands of idiots. Some of them are teenagers. When a teen takes his guns or his parents guns (by teen SOMEONE UNDER AGE OF 18); and shoots a mass amount of people the parent should also be arrested. Most parents know exactly what is happening with their kids and if they don’t CALL CHILD SERVICES TO FIND OUT WHY THAT KID IS BEING NEGLECTED.

I choose not to have kids. I choose my own sexual preference at 10 years of age. I choose my preference of wearing casual clothing instead of business suits and where to work – creative places where I don’t have to dress up. I choose to have one dress in my closet that I wear to a funeral and any weddings I am invited to attend. THAT IS IT.

So if you have a child you commit to raising it not for just 18 years but for the rest of your life. Children are not like dogs or cats – they do not have an expiration date – They are yours forever. So you must do everything in your power to make them productive active proactive wonderful people. If you cannot supply them an education, money, clothing, LOVE & ATTENTIVENESS YOU HAVE ZERO RIGHT TO HAVE A CHILD.

Let’s take the UVALDE SCHOOL SHOOTER’S MOTHER seen below in her wonderful expression filled Mug Shot picture. Yes the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Oklahoma County Detention Center
Oklahoma County Detention Center – her mug shot says it all

Adriana Martinez Reyes, 40, was arrested and charged on Jan. 4 with threatening to perform an act of violence as well as assault and battery on Wednesday after a domestic-violent incident, Oklahoma City Police said. 

If you are a mother like this please give your kid up for adoption and get your tubes tied. You will save taxpayers (all of us) tons of $ to house, feed, clothe and take care of your crazy child who committed a mass murder crime. I thank the real hero (not the cowardly cops there) for shooting and killing her crazy son who shot 23 unarmed babies & teachers in their classrooms. Sincerely this woman is garbage along with the cops there who all got fired and RIGHTLY SO – they deserve to be hung by their balls but the executioner would be hard pressed to find them so jail will do.

Read the article highlighted on this woman’s name. Then read the comments below from the public – I think we are all on the same page here. Above picture shows the shooter, the chief coward and his cops standing around listening while little children were being murdered and begging for help. I don’t know how they live with themselves.

These are the small caskets for the Uvalde children who passed away in the mass murder at their school. I don’t know what you guys reading this think but for me…..I just can’t….I would have shot the cops and run into that school with my guns and killed that stupid kid. An unarmed mom had to climb the fence and she rescued her own kids and several of their friends.

Comments from the public

  • Christine1 minute ago
    Mental runs in the family
    • peanut9 minutes ago
      Well, now we know where he got it from – the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
  • Wolf13 minutes ago”The arrest marks the second time this month that police responded to the Oklahoma home where the mother of 18-year-old salvador ramos now resides.”the second time in 6 days?ReplyShare
  • Westside24 minutes ago
  • I guess the maga doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  • marko26 minutes ago Like son like mom
  • K’Sway26 minutes ago”….Forgive me, forgive my son. I know he had his reasons.” What ?? Reasons ????
  • John33 minutes ago Every time I hear “UVALDE” mentioned, my Celtic blood boils and I want to go out and disparage cops. That is the single most shameful thing in donut-eater history.
  • Just Me34 minutes ago The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  • paul k.36 minutes ago STILL being held on $1K bail? LOL
  • smiles36 minutes ago He had his reasons, what mother would say that about someone who just shot children? Deeply disturbed family, son was probably neglected and verbally abused. Having a hateful angry mother did a lot of damage to his Psyche.
  • Industry3D36 minutes ago Great mug shot.
  • dea36 minutes ago whack that gene pool
  • Tinsy37 minutes ago So there’s the tree that the rotten apple fell from. Mystery solved.
  • TheDudeAbides37 minutes ago You have to pass a background check to adopt a dog from the ASPCA. Any I/d–i,o-t (see above) can have a child.
  • Marcelle37 minutes ago Apple didn’t fall off the tree.
  • Russ37 minutes ago Rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  • B40 minutes ago The gun doesn’t fall from the gun rack
  • littlemarebear43 minutes ago The taquito doesn’t fall far from the burrito stand jajajaja I’m so humor
  • Halestorm44 minutes ago Welp, violence runs in that family apparently. Like mother like son
  • RealAsiansDateAsians47 minutes ago Thumbs down coming, I welcome them but her son did something disgusting and got (rightfully) killed and her mother was shot in the head. Not sure Id be in the right headspace to argue with a boyfriend either
  • MarcP47 minutes ago Apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
  • barryc49 minutes ago“ he had his reasons “?? For slaughtering innocent schoolchildren?? Mother and son,. What a combination!
  • MIKI50 minutes ago The apple did not fall too far from the tree, cliche applies here
  • D_Girl50 minutes ago Well, I guess the apple don’t fall too far from the tree now does it?
  • RB51 minutes ago One thing that seems to be a consistent with these mass shooters: 1. They tend to be troubled young men below the age of 30. 2. Their parents also have a range of issues between simply being inattentive all the way to willfully indoctrinating them into terrorist ideologies and encouraging them to harm others.
  • Chris52 minutes ago Reminds me of my ex-wife
  • DemoSocial25 minutes ago Deport this woman to the darkest corners of SIberia. She deserves nothing more. She raised a monster because she, herself is a monster. She wants forgiveness from the children her son murdered yet she states “he had his reasons….for killing innocent children”? SHE is the reason he killed. SHE should also be in jail.
  • Nature1 hour ago Society has a huge problem with bad parents. I would say 75 percent of parents have no business taking care of a fish, let alone a child.

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