Here is our theory as to why some people die young and some die old. Remember the saying: “only the good die young” ? Well I definitely would love discussion on this post from readers because this is what we think:

Here is our new theory on why people get slain or take their own lives or some catastrophic thing happens to them. The reasons below may be correct or maybe certain people who choose to follow one theory (paranormal investigation) and then they develop their mediumship from that which leaves them open spiritually is because they are here to be WITNESSES to what happens on earth in their lifetime. Not sure but we always think we are the witnesses but we can also be part of the problem.


Our planet is on the lower end of this galaxy which we believe is a branch of hades or HELL. That would explain why there is so much paranormal activity going on around us at all times. It would also explain why DEMONS live among us and why things we see but cannot explain live among us too – UFO, BIGFOOT, Monsters of children’s imaginations or are they demons or ghosts who have gained too much power on this rock by refusing to ascend to their heavenly rest?

Souls born on earth have committed some major or some sort of crimes in another life on planet Earth or on another planet. Maybe in another dimension the other planets are inhabited and Earth is just an empty rock in the universe?

Whatever the case may be we believe that the people whose lives are cut short planned them that way because they paid for whatever sins they committed before and their time in this life has ended. Tragically tho it may seem it is their way of getting off this planet. Or are we watching too much Sci-Fi?

People who live to years 99 or past 100 have had past lives where they are guilty of horrendous acts of violence according to our theory. I believe that I have had many lives before this current one and that my Akasha Records, which I did see in a past revisit to one of my past lives, was full of science and math pages along with musical and writing. So in the past I was smarter than I am in this life or at least I used my entire brain to achieve successes in those more academic fields of study.

In one of my past lives I do believe I was a serial killer as a male whose life was cut short when I was shot dead by authorities. Not in America but in a foreign country where I was born into a really bad family who was poor and ignorant. While I can remember pockets of information from 6 months old, there are times I cannot remember what happened yesterday.

What got us on this path of self-discovery and to unravel our past lives and go into classes about past lives was when several years back in Massachusetts a British medium who appeared on a BBC program MOST HAUNTED came to America and we met him. He told us just by looking at us that in a past life we were twin girls and not married to each other. That he saw us in plaid coats holding hands standing by a huge ship that came from another country – probably Ireland or England. Somehow I can see that too in my mind’s eye. Is it suggestion that is all that is needed to accomplish past lives in our waking life? I don’t know the answer to that.

My partner, Myqui, often watches Paranormal shows because we are both interested in that field as well and sometimes we go out on investigations. Since doing that now together and apart for over 35 years we have developed a 6th sense or at least widened whatever we initially had and opened ourselves up to more experiences. I am writing a book about our paranormal adventures and will detail EVPS and pictures I have taken on our adventures and will be posting them here in blog/stories.

One of the adventures details a show that we used to stream called GHOST HUNTERS whose tag line is “GHOST HUNTERS BY NIGHT & PLUMBERS BY DAY”. Okay so the Mario Brothers team were at an old New England Home where there was a reported female ghost. They went to her bedroom and asked her to talk to them. They had special recording instruments and when they asked “WHERE ARE YOU?” they got an intelligent response asking them the same question: “I am here. Where are you?”.

Remember the movie THE OTHERS a 2001 film starring Nicole Kidman who played a Civil War mom plagued by ghosts in her home while she tries to protect her kids? You should watch that – fascinating from both sides of the spectrum in which we live. The Smithsonian has some ideas about time and space:

How many real dimensions are there?

Image result for how many dimensions are there in real life

The world as we know it has three dimensions of space—length, width and depth—and one dimension of time. But there’s the mind-bending possibility that many more dimensions exist out there. According to string theory, one of the leading physics model of the last half century, the universe operates with 10 dimensions.Oct 8, 2018

So keeping in step with these if you ever go to see a medium and they look down about 3 feet off the ground to then tell you what they are seeing – that is a dimensional shift they are deriving their observations from. Some mediums or Psychics will tell you that their SPIRIT GUIDES inform them of occurrences in other people’s lives but in truth what a medium or psychic does is read the person that is asking questions about departed loved ones.

My mother, Helen, had that gift of 6th sense as we called it when she was alive. She could predict as far into the future as 20-30 years. She passed away in 2001 yet all of what she told me has come true. She also said I would live to be an old lady so if our theory is correct either I lived another life that was terrible and I did terrible things in that life that I must atone for in this life or I am here to witness other people’s problems and their outcomes in this life and write them down. Either can be true or false. There is no right or wrong here – just conjecture.

Life is a mystery until you unravel it and unfortunately we come to this rock as toddlers so we really don’t get the chance to take off running as cognitive beings until 20 years of age and we first must go through those first 20 years with parents and events with others growing up which will shape our lives in the future.


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