Watched it and have found fault with the Reality TV Producers who were the first to make that video interview he did go viral. They made him famous and fumbled because KAI aka CALEB has mental problems and they realized wayyyy too late that KAI the HITCHHIKER is insane.

NJ Clark Lawyer met KAI the hitchhiker who is homeless and bought him a NJ Transit ticket to go to his home in NJ. Kai is a nomad and very naive as per his mom whom he said abused him and did not want him. She said she kept him in his room because she feared that he would go out and never come back. He has mental issues stemming from his parents divorce when he was 4 yrs old. Kids tend to blame themselves

Where Kai aka Caleb Lawrence McGillvary does have family in Canada but he left in his teens because he cited abuse, which his mom denies. The viewer does not know much about KAI’s background so we’re supposed to understand that Kai is responsible for murdering a 70 year old lawyer from Clark NJ? Everything points to the producers who exposed a mentally ill young guy to the world on idiotic social media who proclaimed him “a hero” and then “a talented person” which he was anything but a talented hero.

If anything the very naive and mentally unstable Kai the hitchhiker should never have gone with the NJ Clark Lawyer to his home or let him buy him that NJ Transit ticket. If he did kill the lawyer he did it out of self defence however his later social media posts convey otherwise – he wanted to become a vigilante against pedophilic men raping younger men and boys. Kai said he was raped by a man on the road when he was unhomed but he said he got away.

Everywhere Kai went during the time he was being courted by reality TV show Producers; he urinated on something. He is a socially challenged young 35 year old guy whom I think has a mental problem. However did he really murder that lawyer? Was the lawyer a rapist or was Kai a violent predator himself and murdered the man in a premeditated attack? It’s a case of a rich well liked lawyer and a transient unstable young man with mentally questionable motives.

In this ARTICLE FROM #TAPIN.NET says that Police did not give Kai a rape test because it had been too long a time since he was allegedly raped by the lawyer and the cops didn’t take any evidence at the home that Kai claimed he was drugged by the lawyer. The medical examiner said the amount of drugs Kai was given wouldn’t have made him pass out like he said HOWEVER the cops and the examiners do not know what Kai had in his system prior to drinking the drugged beer at the lawyer’s home. The cops found their man and did little to pursuade others he wasn’t guilty. In other words they were lazy in looking for another reason like self-defense on the part of Kai and that he was telling the truth about being raped by the prominent lawyer. Wouldn’t be the first time a prominent person was an “on the downlow” of our society as a part time hobby.

WE. WILL. NEVER. KNOW. Kai is appealing his NJ Sentence of 57 years in prison which, I believe is excessive, ridiculous and our State did not give Kai benefit of the doubt or what he was saying happened another look.

We may never know however Kai keeps appealing his over-the-top sentence. Anyone wanting to help him can sign this petition & donate $ to get Kai released.


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