i will tell you why I feel this way the plot was refreshing but unlike TV show #Hannibal the food that was served up was at a minimum. THE MENU is billed as a horror comedy my partner fell asleep watching it. Maybe she was tired but maybe it was too slow for her and she is the one who loves cooking shows. It was more of a REVENGE HORROR film presented in a painstakingly deliberate beat that gave it a thriller image.

Plot is right out of Agatha Christie – a rich elitist crowd of egotistical foodies descent on a island off the shore for a mysterious 6 course meal by a famous brooding chef and his staff who have dedicated their entire existence to serve HIM. What follows is a series of stories within the plot for EACH CHARACTER who affected the CHEF who has offered the meal in revenge for what he thought they did to crash his love of cooking.

This is an EPIC HORROR film without a lot of blood It is a contemporary take on a REVENGE story that does not really reveal itself until the very end of the film. I found it completely engrossing right to the very end.

WATCH #themenu you won’t be disappointed.


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