The Chinese Government is saying that balloon was a weather balloon but we know we cannot trust the Chinese who are our enemies. They are full of shit If they try anything funny America and our allies will blow them right back to the hell they eroded from.

It’s no secret that I dislike the Chinese people and do not trust them as a nation and while I knew so very little of them in my life, I was never attracted to any of them sexually or naturally. I was told by many government people that they are untrustworthy and people call them evil demons. I don’t think that about them but I do think what they did was sneaky. I think they did this stunt on purpose so they can gauge how strong Biden is as POTUS and/or this balloon could have have more virus’ in it like Covid of which we can thank the entire country of China for. We should limit their access to our country as the chinese should not be able to immigrate here or even come here on work visas being they are our enemies. Our nephew, the psychopath who hit his mother in the eye when she tried to stop him from going nuts about his teenage girlfriend breaking up with him in high school, who married a chinese woman who speaks and writes like a stepford wife, changed her chinese first name to an American name and who has a son with him; I believe she is a spy for the Chinese because she is very hostile to her husband’s family especially the women. Probably because we can see through her shit and know what she’s trying to do, which is alienate her husband from his family. This has been done before in my partner’s family by her late brother and his wife who used to be friends with my partner. The second they had children our being not like them became a problem. That’s THEIR PROBLEM.

So wondering what other people’s take is on the Balloon situation but it sure does not warrant an investigation into Biden. That’s just another Republican witch hunt at the expense of us taxpayers.


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