When Mayor Bloomberg took over from Rudy G in 2001 the shit began to roll downhill in terms of housing in NYC. The regentrification of NYC had begun and Bloomberg, a billionaire, who was only taking $1 a year for salary made out like a money bandit with pet projects that supplied KICKBACKS to him because the vendors he used he already had a stake or Percentage coming back to him as an investor.

While the regentrification was well under way people like #spikelee went to his hometown of Brooklyn and opened up a shop selling his wares to the poor blacks there who bought into his plan. Sad to say Lee also railed against #regentrification but then married a black female lawyer and bought his apartment on the upper east side. Hypocrite much as he wants the black community in NYC and broughs still love him. I think he’s a fucking racist and hypocrite but that’s me.

Then the landlords got carte blanche to raise rents without a cap but they have to tell you first that they are doing that. It doesn’t matter and when I found out the shitty 1-bedroom apartment that we rented in 2003 which was then $1200 was going of $3000 per month with a rent hike in 2 years I couldn’t believe that someone would pay that much money to live there with the mice (tons of them in the building and you can hear them in the walls), roaches (again – many of them) and illegals Hispanics crammed into apartments all over the building collecting substiles that they have no business collecting. Armenians in California used to do that and band together with all the money collected under different last names to buy a luxury house or townhouse. Armenians already living in CA and who worked for the state got after them and prohibited them from continuing this awful practice. It’s just wrong and it’s preying on our liberties in OUR COUNTRY. I cannot count how many times I have see over 10 members of a family come to the doctor’s offices and waste their time which keeps the rest of the patients waiting. Unfair and actually I saw a doctor throw the family out after checking their legitimacy to have medical. Not only did this doctor do that but she got ICE to pick them up and dump them on the nearest plane so they can get medical attention from their home government. That doctor was right in doing that in my opinion.

Then after tons of native born American New Yorkers filed out of the city into other states leaving billionaires and minorities in rent controlled apartments in NYC did the trouble begin. The elderly in NYC and the elderly Hispanic and Asian population in the city are at odds with the thugs from outer Brooklyn, Bronx and even Staten Island. These minority thugs are the usual suspects – BLACK. This is not a racist observation albeit a real observation and now media is naming and blaming.

In every big city there are BILLIONAIRES & THE POOR who take care of them. Hispanic workers toil in factories and manufacturing plants all over the city without insurance that they won’t be picked off by ICE AGENTS. The Billionaires who hire them don’t care because they can always find a worker standing on a corner with a sign that says “Hi. I’m illegal and looking for work”. Believe me when I write this – they are all over the place. Some of these workers are belligerent and arrogant in thinking that we need them. We don’t but rich people will always need them because white workers do not want to work for Billionaires and make a shitty salary.

The crime in NYC is off the hook now and while I don’t live there full time I do live there part time because I work freelance there. It’s not the city I grew up in. A salad today is over $10 at a salad bar and a pint of beer is $8. A dinner for two will cost you $150-$200, $50 for a burger in NYC

It used to be in Manhattan if you went to a bar – especially an Irish bar – you’d get the 3rd drink free. While that is still the free beer you’re better off buying a six pack and staying home.

So between regentrification, inflation after covid and very little job openings in Manhattan NYC has become the highest crime ridden city in the country. Here’s why this is happening – when Republicans were mayors crime was non-existent. Now that two Democrats were mayors – under DeBlasio crime was horrible and the cops did nothing because they hated DeBlasio and refused to work with him. While police are more sympathetic towards Mayor Adams they have their hands full with illegal aliens Florida and Texas keep unloading on the city. Liberal Judges especially the NYC DA run by a black man who is hell bent on getting Trump into jail is virtually ignoring the crime in the streets right under his nose.

Bragg also is ignoring the crime because it’s black people committing them and he is a loyalist to the black community. Adams meanwhile is petitioning POTUS Biden for help in controlling the illegal huge population now living in Brooklyn’s warehouses along the river.

Mayor Adams has concentrated on lowering crime rates in NYC but has he?

MARIA HERNANDEZ was 74 years young, beaten, raped and murdered in her apartment. If you are not safe in your apartment you are not safe anywhere and it’s another reason I keep my weapons close. God help the asshole who tries anything with me, my family, my family of actors, producers, extended family I call my own. God help them. You are a dead person walking.

Liberal and far right judges are also to blame and there is no half way point between liberal and far right. Both are to blame and both are bad. Between the plea deals and the long sentences for drug abuse and selling – for crimes like rape there are limitations on how years? Seriously we need an overhaul on EVERYTHING IN AMERICA. We need moderates in government, younger people who are civic minded who have been on the front lines of poverty and homelessness and who have the balls to govern fairly and without bias. Landlords need to stop being gutter rats and charge a fair price or have the buildings they own confiscated and given to its residents. Both Democratic and Republican parties are soliciting people by text message if they want to run for a local office? That’s insane.

So with all this going on and now politicians are running a full year ahead of the year they will be running against each other – the tri-state NY area has gone clear out of its head. The only reprieve I see is when the Federal Government (I hope this doesn’t happen) steps in to regulate rents again. With the regentrification came HOMELESSNESS and that has been around for over 30 years in NYC. There 78, 604 people and families homeless in NYC and the greatest amount is out of Oregon. What good is a house standing empty and its families on the streets in our towns and cities? 3 summers ago in NJ I was on the Morristown train out of Dover and saw a family of 6 people camped out by a river. They were homeless and there were kids living there with them. Horrific and I often wonder what happened to them because the winter following that Summer was hard.

We are not living in the 1800s where people roamed the west looking for a new life. It’s 2023 – people need to live in dignity and have a roof over their heads. Anything other than that is to be at a disadvantage whether you are young or old. America has to take care of its people FIRST.


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