Recently NOTORIOUS CHILD MURDERER #KYLERITTENHOUSE was on the podcast of another NOTORIOUS CHILD ASSHOLE #DONALDTRUMPJR talking about how he was 100% sure that 92 year old billionaire, worth 6.9B, #GEORGESOROS (not #georgesantos) was responsible for paying off prosecutors in his trial. His trial was for his shooting with his assault weapon 2 unarmed white men. Had they been black he would be in jail where he belongs.

#kylerittenhouse guarantees but is not 100% sure that Soros was behind the prosecutors paycheck when he was brought up on charges of murdering those two protestors. Then someone else on the thread claimed #rittenhouse is rich by the tune of $50Million dollars. This is another #WRONGFACT. Rittenhouse is rich by $50 thousand dollars. Online platforms published the wrong amount and stupid people aka Trumpers and Republican traitors continue to mouth off these #wrongfacts.

I’m writing about #wrongfacts because there is absolutely no accountability on the side of the GOP. Rittenhouse is upset because he feels as if he is a patriot who was doing god’s work when he shot and murdered those two protestors. He feels this way because the jury of 12 ignored the #WRONGFACTS in his case & exonerated him. No accountability so he will continue to be a hero to the right until he really screws up and murders someone else. Not until then will the right run for the hills to get away from him. Rittenhouse is on a leash that will one day strangle him and it’s all his mother’s fault for teaching #WRONGFACTS.

People need discipline. They need FACTS to make good judgement calls. We make decisions all our waking moments, every single day, every single moment of every single day. Those decisions are based on facts. For example – I got up this morning and had coffee with half and half. FACT. I need to do the laundry today. FACT – these are personal facts. Here is an example of a WRONG FACT. “today I woke up and watched FOX NEWS and I heard that George Soros backed my trial opponents and supplied them with money to have me arrested.” USING LOGIC WITH REPUBLICANS & TRUMPERS TODAY DOES NOT WORK so you have to think like they do. #WRONGFACTS make sense to the GOP while they do not make sense to anyone else that is not REPUBLICAN. There is no such thing as a #WRONGFACT.



Donald Trump Jr.’s Interview With Kyle Rittenhouse Goes South In A Hurry


Lee Moran

Fri, February 24, 2023 at 4:34 AM EST

Donald Trump Jr. and Kyle Rittenhouse kicked off with a baseless claim on the Trump scion’s “Triggered” podcast on Thursday.

Rittenhouse in 2021 was found not guilty of homicide after killing two unarmed racial justice protesters in Wisconsin in 2020. He argued self-defense.

Talking with Trump Jr., Rittenhouse said the case had been “scary” because, without offering any evidence, he’d been “up against these George Soros-funded prosecutors.”

“Was that what was going on?” asked the eldest son of former President Donald Trump. “Were these guys getting some sort of backhanded donations?”

“I guarantee it,” Rittenhouse confidently responded.

Then he immediately backtracked, saying: “I don’t know for sure, I don’t know for 100 percent fact. But I guarantee. I’m sure of it.”

Trump Jr. has long been a fan of Rittenhouse, who since his acquittal has met with ex-President Trump and the GOP House caucus.

The Trump Organization businessman-turned-podcast host also encouraged followers to sign a card of support to send to Rittenhouse, alongside an AR-15 rifle, and shared online am edited image of his father awarding a medal to him.

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