First when film #RUST had that shooting and the cinematographer’s death took front and center with Republicans piling on actor #alecbaldwin because of his liberal take on issues, I thought “this is just bullshit. Nothing will become of it. Rest in Power to the woman who died”. But This problem with BLANKS in Guns and having an ARMORIST on set has been long time coming imo.

Obviously I was not on set when Alec pointed the gun at Halyna and then pulled the trigger. He is saying he didn’t pull the trigger but then how did the bullet get out of the gun? Was Beetlejuice there to do the mischief? Why was a real bullet in the gun? The Amorist Gutierrez-Reed was in charge of that gun she and Baldwin are looking at #INVOLUNTARYMANSLAUGHTER – MAX of 18 MONTHS IN PRISON.

Now 3 other people are suing Baldwin for #PTSD because of the shooting. The highlighted word is where you can find the article. Frankly I find fault with the entire production team and unfortunately for Baldwin he is a producer on this film. He stands to benefit from it’s completion and release.

Baldwin is also the father of 7 and the grandfather of 1 by his daughter Ireland whose mom is #kimbasinger. Honestly, and I do not know him nor do I care to, he and his baby making machine he married are going to be in hot water if he goes to jail for 18 months. Even one month will kill Baldwin’s career. He will go the way of #tomsizemore working with has beens, never weres if he goes to jail. My advice to Alec – wear a condom.

Alec Baldwin & his 7 kids with baby maker mom

TOM SIZEMORE was, for a very long time, one of my favorite character actors in Hollywood. I did know him as a person and it seems he was not a very good person from what I have read. Because of his drug use and alcoholism and many treks to rehab he is braindead. Really sad to read that article that his family is planning how to end his life. Even #robertdeniro tried to help this guy but he went right back to boozing and drugging so rehab did not help.

Hollywood can do one of 3 things to people-1)make you a star, 2) make you dead, 3)drive you back to your home state. I took #3 for the win because NOW Hollywood is coming back East in 2023 – to NJ with studios from #Netflix and #LIONSGATE coming back east to do so.

This is how I will always remember #tomsizemore

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