I wrote this song when I was 25 years young – somewhere in the 1980s – the best decade of my young life. I was in a rock band named THE CULPRITS and told the band to go home and write a love song about a thing you love. I wrote about my stereo walk man and primarily that is what my song was about. It used to be really fast – neck breaking fast- and I played bass on it with the band.

When I presented this song they played it like they had been playing it forever. It was a really big rush playing that one time and then it became our most requested song. Good for us bad for our playing – it was fast man!

So I slowed it down and used some new words to describe the same feelings I had when I was 25 although times have changed and the song is different now.

I finally finished the edit of this 2 min song and it was the longest edit in my life. I started in October 2022 and finished 3/7/23. WHY? I was remembering people who influenced my life and some of them even saved me from outside forces hell bend on hurting me. Their loyalty and then what happened to them broke my spirit. There are 4 people in this video that have passed away for one reason or another but they were all my friends. I miss them. I miss not being able to see them but I didn’t see them much in the last 15 years so I am a bad friend. I hope they forgive me. Each of them died young in my estimation. Some could have been saved but for doctor negligence and some were too far gone to help but they were all still my friend at one time or another in my life and I thank them with this video.

The kid in the video is not me. She kinda looks like me but she’s not and she’s not related to me at all. She is my friend Corey’s kid and her name is OLIVIA and she is 3.5 years old. What a cutie she is. Anyway I used her to portray me in pictures which worked out really well. I hope her family likes it.

This is Stereo Child. A song I wrote in the 1980s when life was different and people were friendlier and the internet was not around – better days.

Stereo Child starring Olivia Brunish

2 thoughts on “STEREO CHILD”

  1. love this
    Great to see the nostalgia-filled journey of creating Stereo Child, which became a hit among The Culprits’ most requested songs. It’s heartwarming to see the dedication and homage to friends who have passed away through the video, and how Olivia was a part of the project.


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