I proudly write this – I have never seen one episode of #THEVOICE or #AMERICANIDOL. Unfortunately I have seen #AGT and NO they are wrong – America and the rest of the world who goes on that show have zero talent – especially when a dog act wins over people. SERIOUSLY? And then there was this guy who drove his tractor to the auditions – the only act – there is one memorable dude who made a success of it

Terry Fator won Season 2 on August 21, 2007, a 42-year-old ventriloquist/singing impressionist. The runner-up was singer/guitarist Cas Haley. Terry Fator has been one of the most successful winners in “AGT” history, with his singing ventriloquist impressions act finding great popularity in Las Vegas.

terry fator – now worth $160million for having a residence in VEGAS for years with his show.

dude is talented

and this guy who I thought was a good dude and had a wife who loved him. But no – he won a million dollars – dropped the wife and married a white woman with whom he had a child. I swear to god this happens all the fucking time with these black dudes who are duds.

LANDAU EUGENE MURPHY JR – sounds like Frank Sinatra but on the outside he looks like EDDIE MURPHY.

This woman JENNIFER CARTER was his wife when he was washing cars for a living and working in restaurants: Below

He won AGT and 3 years later he divorced this woman and married gold digger below – I cannot friggin believe this – black guys with money are assholes – and now she has a kid with him – I’m telling you this is insanity:

The kid is innocent born to these two assholes. I mean really? What are black men so dumb?


“”My dad was in a band called the Eurythmics,” 22-year-old Kaya Stewart mentioned casually, as if they were some obscure act.” Meanwhile this ugly duck has a record contract? WTF is she doing on IDOL?

And People think the TRUMPS are bad – LOL


Who’s that girl? ’80s new wave legend’s daughter tries out for ‘American Idol.’

My dad was in a band called the Eurythmics,” 22-year-old Kaya Stewart mentioned casually, as if they were some obscure act.vomit WORTHY

Lyndsey Parker

·Editor in Chief, Yahoo Music
Mon, March 27, 2023 at 1:15 AM EDT

this is what I just wrote on her #instagram
You already have a record contract, you had an “in” in the music world because of your father – why are you on IDOL? You are taking the place of someone who does not have the advantages that you have in life. Good GRIEF have a little dignity and be gracious about your privilege.
I thought at least #davestewart might have a brain in his head but Naw. I used to have some respect for him but not any more. If the daughter wanted to audition she could have done it WITHOUT HER FATHER BEING THERE – THIS IS A GROSS SPECTACLE OF PRIVILEGE.

IMO she is ugly AF to boot AND SHE’S OVERWEIGHT.

Kaya Stewart auditions for 'American Idol' with her famous, Dave tewart of Eurythmics. (Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless)
Kaya Stewart auditions for ‘American Idol’ with her famous, Dave tewart of Eurythmics. (Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless)

American Idol has had its share of what people nowadays deridingly call “nepo-babies.” Last season, we had Ava Maybee, the daughter of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, and Zaréh, daughter of Idol Season 4 top eight finalist Nadia Turner. This season, we’ve already had Haven Madison (whose father, Jason Roy, fronts Grammy-nominated Christian band Building 429); Lyric Medeiros (daughter of adult contemporary crooner Glenn “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You” Medeiros); Cay Aliese (daughter of late America’s Got Talent/The Voice contestant Nolan Neal); and McKayla Stacey, who was “literally born into Idol” when her dad, Season 6finalist Phil Stacey, tried out for the show while her mom was giving birth to her.

But Season 23 definitely saved the biggest second-generation superstar for last, when 22-year-old Kaya Stewart arrived Sunday with her Rock & Roll Hall of Famer father, Dave Stewart.

Yes, the Dave Stewart. “My dad was in a band called the Eurythmics,” Kaya mentioned casually, as if the Eurythmics were some obscure, underground act. Dave Stewart is a new wave legend!
(seriously Kaya has a record deal already – why does she need to go on IDOL-totally pathetic and totally disgraceful that Perry, Richie and the other guy allowed it) CAT PATTEN

But Dave has always just been “Dad” to Kaya. “When I was born, my dad was on tour, and I was going to shows when I was still in my mom’s tummy,” she stated. “The musician’s lifestyle is something that’s just been part of my life. There was never a question of what I wanted to do with my life. [Music] was always going to be what I was going to do.”
(so nauseating I could barf)

When the elder Stewart showed up Sunday to accompany his rising singer-songwriter daughter on guitar, he claimed that his Idol appearance was “more difficult than being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,” and he did seem genuinely, even kind of adorably nervous. But Dave actually has several past ties to the show. American Idol’s creator and original executive producer, Simon Fuller, has managed Eurythmics frontwoman Annie Lennox for many years; Dave was in a considerably shorter-lived and less successful duo, the semi-fictional TV band Platinum Weird, with former Idol judge Kara DioGuardi; and current Idol judge Lionel Richie was inducted into the Rock Hall’s Class of 2022 alongside Eurythmics. (I will take a moment here to note that the TV talent competition Dave created, NBC’s Songland, absolutely should have been renewed for a third season. Perhaps ABC can reboot that show as well.) RIGHT THERE IS A CONNECTION SHE DIDN’T NEED TO GO ON THIS SHOW – C’MON! SHE IS TAKING THE SPACE FROM SOMEONE UNKNOWN AND WITH A BETTER VOICE WHO ALSO LOOKS BETTER THAN SHE – As a lesbian I know beautiful women – she ain’t one of them.

Center Idol judge Katy Perry understandably pointed out that Kaya is a nepo-baby (although she didn’t use that actual rude term, of course), flat-out asking Kaya: “With all your different opportunities and connections and stuff, how did you even land on American Idol?” Kaya claimed that she came to Idol, which Lionel claimed is “now a creative destination for artists,” to showcase her original music. OK, then.

at least Perry asked – If I were her I would have vehemently objected to including her especially since her father was there and this is absurd.

All healthy skepticism aside, I must admit that Kaya’s original, “This Tattoo,” was impressive — although she did have the advantage of co-writing it with her father, whose strong track record includes not only many Eurythmics classics but also massive hits like Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” Shakespears Sister’s “Stay,” and No Doubt’s “Underneath It All.” But Kaya didn’t just inherit her dad’s talent — she had a pretty, sparkling vocal tone that was all her own (albeit influenced by her dad’s musical partner and her childhood mentor, the above-mentioned Lennox).

Kaya Stewart gets a Golden Ticket on 'American Idol' Season 23. (Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless)
Kaya Stewart gets a Golden Ticket on ‘American Idol’ Season 23. (Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless)

Lionel said Kaya “slayed” her audition, and Luke Bryan told her, “You can tell that you’ve grown up around the stage, on the stage.” Katy did warn Kaya that she and her fellow judges would “probably be a bit more nitpicky” with her and would “push her to her limit — and probably past it,” specifically because Kaya had so much more experience that most of the series’ green, untrained newbies. But Kaya was totally fine with with the judges going hard on her, so this sister will soon be doin’ it for herself, without her dad, in Hollywood. Her sweet Idol dreams are made of this.

Sunday was the final night of Season 23 auditions, and while none of the contestants came to the show with as famous a father or as long a résumé as Kaya’s, some of them will surely give her some stiff competition during Hollywood Week nonetheles

This situation reminds me of #KELLYCLARKSON on IDOL she also had a record contract & she was established but IDOL made her rich and famous – Now Kelly is fat, not pretty to look at, has her own talk show and putting out a new album – big fucking deal she sounds like all the rest of Fuller/Cowell singers – bland – and luke warm.

Cat Patten

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