So these last months I and our cast and crew have been taking the task of this READING in June to task. However the music part of this portion is suffering because my partner, Myqui was ill and we didn’t know it. So I had to cancel an online rehearsal over #ZOHO, which is an inexpensive online meeting app compared to ZOOM, who asks a lot of $ per month to keep their platform. If you have over 10-100 people in a meeting you can get ZOHO for $1.20/month. NO JOKE. ZOHO breaks down their products by separating everything so instead of buying every one of their products per month, they allow you to buy one portion of it. We bought MEETINGS.

#thedramatistsguild uses ZOHO for contracts they send over the internet for people renting the MARY RODGERS room for readings and rehearsals . This is a fantastic radical idea.

Below – Starbucks Broadway – Corey, Myqi, Cat

We went up to see the room and met #PRODUCER/DIRECTOR 4 X TONY WINNER #COREYBRUNISH who is directing our reading. We hung out with Corey for a few hours and frankly that wasn’t enough time because he is very charismatic, charming, honest and actually humble actor who has the most brightest blue eyes that are warm and he’s such a nice guy – we fell in love with him. Hard to dislike a guy who’s telling ya the truth about things. So Jessica and OB, the #punkprincessofinstagram were at a playdate. We will meet them another time. Here’s the thing – They went to a show they invested in called NYNY and the crowd that was in attendance for previews on Friday March 24 rose to their feet in a standing OH for a rousing rendition of NYNY SONG. I gotta say though – in going back to NYC after several years of not working there or living there – it’s NOISY, STILL POLLUTED and an ambulance was trying to get thru a crowded street on 34 & 8th and lots of noise. I hope the person they were trying to save is still alive.

Back to Myqui who is currently in hospital because she has COLITIS, her entire left side of her colon is INFLAMED. Painful as fuck she says. She went in on Sunday much to my dismay. I had to cancel my therapy appointment today and I had to cancel our Online Rehearsal on Wed because I don’t know when she’ll be getting out.



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