Hi Mom,

We have had our differences in the past but today I remember this day 22 years ago when you left. You really wanted to leave. You had had enough of life and let the cancer take you away as it was, you thought, your way out. You left painfully and I was sad about that but you’ve been with me every step of the way including that terrible day Oct 6 2001 and the six months that followed that terrible day.

Now, Bob has joined you and so has two of my friends, Linda & Rusty and another woman you never knew, our friend Lisa. 4 people I liked a lot have gone and I think by the time it is my time to go all my friends will have died before me.

For some reason, only you know I and Myqui are witnesses to other people’s lives. We are going thru some things now that you know about but those things and people will not get us down. WE WILL RISE ABOVE and succeed in everything we do.

Hope your heavenly day is blessed. I love you and I miss you.

your daughter


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