So here we go again with the MINORITY of people rearing their TWISTED HEADS at the rest of the MAJORITY and telling us BS.

Here’s what I think – watching a TV SHOW about Hogwarts may be interesting. The films were very weird and honestly Harry (DANIEL RADCLIFFE) wasn’t all that good an actor. He was surrounded by stellar talent which made his acting stick out like a sore thumb. BUT THAT’S MY OPINION.

TRANS PEOPLE & THEIR SUPPORTERS (see BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN) are up in arms over the idea that HARRY POTTER books are being rehashed on TV with its author JK ROWLING at the helm as Executive Producer.

Why must people be judged by their opinions and not their talents? Why must the cancel culture always open their twisted mouths with their twisted ideas and opinions and YELL LOUDER THAN THE REST OF US.

I am Gay. Professionally I am a writer and a woman who is married to another woman. Yeah whoa! Big fucking deal. Here’s another thing if it was not for the GAY COMMUNITY the TRANS COMMUNITY would NEVER EXIST. Many of us in the GAY COMMUNITY are sick of watching these trans people act out and make us look bad. Trans people want their own bathrooms – they want this. they want that. This is what I want. I want RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA to return and take them all to TRANSEXUAL, TRANSylvania. Maybe then that will give rise to another FRANK N FUTER – OH ROCKY!

JK ROWLING IS THE AUTHOR OF HARRY POTTER. She was down and out when she wrote her first book on the subject. It became a sensation. FEMALE DRIVEN WRITING about MAGIC. PERFECT – LET THE MUSIC PLAY!

The #DAILYBEAST is wrong about this article. The Majority does want to see the TV SERIES and HBO MAX knows this and will profit. GOOD.FOR.THEM.


ABOVE is the link for the DAILYBEAST article – below are the comments – on yahoo – so much more interesting I think. Have a great day!

Rowling & the movie cast

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  • Moody3 minutes agoExcept no one actually cares. I have probably seen 20 articles pushing this idea. It is almost like they have to keep saying it to make it true. If you want to cancel Rawlings… dont get to watch Harry Potter.ReplyShare
  • Shirley16 minutes agoAll controversy aside, HP has already been done to death and became boring. Find a brain with some talent and do something new.ReplyShare
  • DemoSocial23 minutes agoGood for HBO Max for standing up for the art of HARRY POTTER and not what the writer thinks. We all have opinions about everything but to be denied a seat at the creative table because of them and allowing a minority of sick individuals the right to speak over others – is unacceptable. ReplyShare
  • Vindicator50 minutes agoI want to see it…ReplyShare
  • justin53 minutes agoI do.ReplyShare
  • Benjamin1 hour ago“Everyone Wants Max’s Harry Potter TV Series From J.K. Rowling.” There, I fixed the title of this article. ReplyShare
  • Me1 hour agoI don’t see it working out as explained in the article. We have an interest in the characters and actors who played them. This formula has been tried before, making movies into failed TV series. Example, Clueless, Bill and Ted, Uncle Buck, Bad News Bears, Tron, Blade and Ferris Bueller. Movies …See moreReplyShare
  • Eric2 hours agoNo one want this series…except the millions and millions of people who will end up watching it. ReplyShare
  • alex2 hours agoNo one? I doReplyShare
  • Pancho2 hours agoTo all my transgender people that I have never met, I will be watching it! Muahahahahaha

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