Especially when it’s not the actor’s fault and really is the fault of a co-writer who is trying to fuck up the reading.

The actor was in the middle of 2 very stupid factions and listening to them give him the wrong advice. When I hired him I did so based on his reading sides of the character. He did great. Then he did something stupid by giving my former writing partner who I am now at odds with $1000 for acting lessons he did not need.

Yesterday I witnessed a video from my former writing partner’s website that featured my actor. It was dreadful. He portrayed an Italian gooba as if the dude was a stooge and in a white wife beater tee to boot. He was working with a cigarette that he didn’t know how to use and the dialog was horrifying since it was written by a bigger dummy – his teacher. Then he was featured in other stupid videos that I believe had plagiarized scenes in it and was it BORING. My former writing partner’s camera skills are atrocious and his editing was so obvious my dead aunt fanny was laughing.

This actor has 2 ACTIVE STAGE PARENTS. He is 24 yrs young and they are ridiculous. He is supposedly a pop singer – his songs suck. His voice is alright but he looks like he’s going to work. His parents told me NOT to tell their son about what my former writing partner was doing (fraud, plagiarizing) because they wanted their baby boy to concentrate on working on his art. These people are ridiculous. I hired one guy and I got 3 people. They go everywhere with him. They are his posse and giving him the wrong information. I was protecting him and that is the reason I let him go – between the crazy parents and my former writing partner I saw what he originally did with the character turn into a facade for a GOODFELLOWS part 4 movie. Horrible and this poor kid is involved now and complicit with my former writing partner’s antics. When people start finding out what he did with their scripts and dialog the shit be hitting the proverbial fan. I told these people to NOT go to my former writing partner’s classes. He’s not a good teacher and look what happened! I felt terrible that he’s no longer in the reading but I had to take care of my investment. If it’s a choice between me and an actor who has become a problem – I will choose me everytime. The new actor I chose is eon’s above the old actor.




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