We have lived in this area now for a number of years and watched it slowly get developed to the point where now West Washington Avenue is full of cars during the day coming and going. Too much damn traffic and frankly it’s pissing me off. Some of the commercial landlords in the area would prefer to have stores empty until they find their proper pigeon to occupy their space at an exorbitant extortion rate of lease money. That is why so many stores open and close every year. The commercial landlords who occupy the WASHINGTON BID are greedy former NYers who want to bleed everyone dry and who are worse than lawyers when it comes to forcing people to pay high leases so that these landlords can live at the country club located at CLUBHOUSE DRIVE – another catastrophe that moved into the area some years back thanks to RYAN BUILDERS $300K and up townhouse developments that he’s shitting all over the neighborhood and local areas. People like fat cat RYAN don’t give a flying fuck about my hood or yours because they all live in RUMSON next to BRUCE do nothing for nobody SPRINGSTEEN who now has an official state holiday in NJ on my fucking birthday.

I’m a little annoyed. I am. I admit it. I don’t like him but you already know that and you know why. I want a JON BONJOVI STATE HOLIDAY – GOV MURPHY but apparently Murphy’s ears have been tinned listening Brucey, AND what is particularly weird is that actress JODIE COMER is wearing a STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK TEE SHIRT these days while she performs on Broadway in her own one woman show. THE BRITS HAVE NO TAST IN MUSIC. JOHNNY MATHIS is still #1 on their charts. I swear to all that I hold holy that the Brits have no taste in music that’s why the BEATLES INVADED AMERICA — TO GET AWAY FROM THEIR COUNTRY PEOPLE.

The real reason I wrote this post because I did DIGRESS prior …. IS

Today at 11am I and my loving partner/wife went to pick up our biweekly veggie/fruit from the food cooperative we belong to through our hospital Hunterdon Hospital Nutrition center. We have been doing this for 2 years now. It’s a godsent especially with food prices the way they are. They food we don’t like or eat we give to various neighbors in our building.

I had to go pick up an order from my doctor or I would have been outside with my partner hearing this. Some asshole Trump Supporter in a WHITE PICKUP TRUCK – and Had I been there I would have taken his picture and put it up on this blog post – about 40 year old white man rolled in to go to his doctor appointment – must have been a mental welfare appointment cause this dud is nuts – said OUT LOUD – “look at all you people with you nice looking cars begging for food!”….

That asshole would be in the hospital righ tnow and I would be in jail if I had been outside. I always carry a knife with me and he’d wearing it in his fucking head where his brains should be. This guy needs to be dragged out of his little shitty pickup truck and have a big brass dick up his ass.

If all men had this happen to them – big brass – there would never be rapes or beating up others. Nope. Men would know their place in the world – opening up jars, going to work and bringing back the bacon and shutting their goddamn mouth when no one is talking to them.

Not all men – mind you – just the zillions of assholes that live in Washington NJ in Warren county who are probably one of the many (70) pedophiles, murders and rapists asshole judges release daily from prison.

I’m ready man – I’m fucking ready.


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