The Artistic Journey of Jodie Comer

We met her on #killingeve – she was then 24 yrs old. Six years later at 30 she is starring on Broadway in a one woman play for 90 mins straight. I watched the film of #PRIMAFACIE when she was in the #westend doing theater.

….And to think….those UK assholes in Theater told her “you don’t have enough experience on stage” which then begs the question on bended knee – How the hell does one get experience if people don’t give you a shot.

Someone gave Jodie Comer a shot and now she’s on Broadway and well on her way to being an EGOT winner – cause that bitch can sing as good as she acts. For those of you who do not know what that means –

EGOT, an acronym for the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards, is the designation given to people who have won all four of the major American art awards. Respectively, these awards honor outstanding achievements in television, recording, film, and Broadway theatre.

So far in the UK she has won 2 British BAFTA Awards; 1 for KILLING EVE & 1 for #help which we streamed – wow – she is a very gifted actor and when she takes on the persona of a character Jodie Comer disappears into that person. Can’t see her to save my life. Interesting choices she makes when acting but to think people still say to budding actors “you don’t have experience on stage — so forget about it?” Really? I hope those naysayers are sitting at home in their little dinky hollows of a home and thinking “well I never got 2 BAFTAS, an Emmy or a Oliver Award before I was 30 years of age. “

The only problem I see for myself about Ms. Comer is she is Pieces and I don’t get along with them as a zodiac sign – Dad was a Pieces – hated him. My mom’s upstairs neighbor same – hated her – she was such a nasty bitch. Not saying Comer couldn’t break that mold for me but it doesn’t matter anyway – I’m happily married like Konstantin and not looking for a 30 year old lover – not that she’s gay – just saying – I don’t want to work that hard.

The real deal breaker for me with friendships is – if your favorite musical act is BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND – I pass. For our regular readers – you know why. For those of you who have zero idea – the man has written the same 4 songs for the past 50 years…just my opinion – ya don’t have to agree.

So the Opening Night was Sunday night 4/23/23 – good numbers there. So many people – actors producers what not went. It was packed and frankly I’m glad that a play about RAPE and it’s legal aftermath and it’s repercussions is getting air time. It’s not even about the #metoo which was probably coined by some rapist asshole man sitting alone in his cell wishing his cell mate wasn’t looking at him with googly eyes.

The reviews are astounding and if I wasn’t doing this reading and having to maybe hire a lawyer to perform a trade of copyrights (2 script) crossing each other so that I extricate myself from my former writing partner and he from me. I need to have positive role models in my life and not get dragged down anymore by deceit, lies, scams and especially the “woe is me bullshit that he acts of so well”. Yeah I’m done with that dude. I cannot go another 25 years of questioning what the hell is going on with him and why is he again plagiarizing my copyrighted work?

About the play itself I differ from what the NYC critics are raving about. Suzi Miller’s play PRIMA FACIE is not that interesting in it’s verbiage. The script is long and played out verbally and if it wasn’t for Jodie Comer’s precise take on character it may have been boring, too. In my opinion the play is top heavy but Comer’s version of Goliath facing a traumatic event is breath-taking. I can see her in my head reading the words – she takes hold of those words and turns them into heady action.

I can’t say enough good things about the kid. She’s good at her craft. I hope she’s a nice person and has a great life and makes a lot of money and helps other people with that money as well as her family, whom I know she’s close to.

playwright Suzi Miller & actor Jodie Comer-Prima Facie BREAK A LEG LADIES!

Jodie, you may NOT be home in the future because you’re roaming all over the world acting in front of other people who are not related to you. Fear not, home is where your HEART is – WELCOME TO BROADWAY!

$82/$118 TICKETS until June 18 2023 for it’s short 10 week

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Prima Facie is a one-woman play by Suzie Miller. The plot follows Tessa, a criminal defense barrister whose view of the legal system changes after she is sexually assaulted. The show was nominated for five Laurence Olivier Awards, with wins for Best New Play and Best Actress for Jodie Comer. Wikipedia

Originally published: May 17, 2019

Playwright: Suzie Miller

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