– You may not want to find out

I did the DNA test because I wanted to see if I am related to my friend but I got more than I bargained for and asked to remove all my data.

On my father’s side of the family – there are rapists and pedophiles. I had a cousin who raped little girls one of whom he impregnated and her family got rid of the baby by putting the kid up for adoption.

He later got married and had a child who loves Donald Trump. His kid, a female, wrote to me on FB to tell me about her father and how my 1st cousin, a rapist was her biological grandfather. I told her the truth and then I blocked her because I don’t want to know any trump supporters and I got out of

I leaned my lesson – I’m writing about it because I was disgusted by this 36 year old twit writing to me about her father who is my 2nd cousin once removed and born of a rape. All of my cousin’s siblings were born of rape. My uncle, my father’s oldest brother raped his wife since the day he married her. He did not care if she was sick, tired, disgusted or had the flu. When she said NO he took her. She went from the farm to the frying pan. When he died she threw out his photos and put up a picture of the late great belated family dog. When she had sex with a nice mae suitor in her new single life at 60 she was amazed at how wonderful sex could be. I felt so bad for her. Innocent girl wanting a better life for herself. She wanted to be a teacher or a nurse – my uncle laughed at her when she told him. May he rot in the hell he made in death.

Cat Patten

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