Politically – Here is my big Fear about the #debtceiling

Since 2000 (when dreadful Bushie Jr was POTUS) we have had to extend our #debtceiling about-

Number of requests for increase Congress has raised the debt ceiling 14 times from 2001 to 2016.
History of the United States debt ceiling – Wikipedia

14 times is a lot in my opinion. This time however we have problems in our congress. We have an egotistical old bitch who is a Democrat and a fat cat in her 90s – (D) CA Diane Feinstein who needs to get the boot. This pos is 89 years OLD. She has no place in the SENATE anymore and she’s not even showing up.

Then there is the dumbest Democratic Senator of our time – (D) Pennsylvania John Fetterman who swore up and down that he was in fine shape to run for Senate after a stroke because his illegal puss of a wife commanded him to. This woman has no shame. She married him for the money – yeah he comes from wealth but he looks like Lurch. This should tell EVERYONE how bad people felt about #droz running under the GOP ticket. No one wanted him. NJ doesn’t want him either and btw neither does NYC or the STATE of NY. NO one wants him. He should go back to Turkey and help out his fellow countrymen where he has a residency. He won’t – selfish.

Then there are the 2 biggest Democratic assholes in the history of the Senate – West Virginia’s Senator #Joemanchin who cannot make up his mind if he is a DINO or a RINO. He is always sliding on the Republican mindset. I detest him but I outright loathe the Republican running against him this coming year – WV Gov #jimjustice. Even his name makes me 🤮because of what he represents – everything wrong in America today – “Upon the death of his father in 1993, Jim became the President and CEO of Bluestone Industries, Inc. and Bluestone Coal Corporation. 

So he is strictly a coal man and wants nothing to do with solar energy and nothing to do with helping the rest of us save the planet. “

“During late 2008 and early 2009, Jim successfully negotiated the sale of Bluestone Industries, Inc. and affiliated companies, which comprised all of the family’s West Virginia coal mines at the time, to Mechel, OAO, one of Russia’s leading mining and metal companies. The Russian company failed, laid off coal miners, and was going to walk on their financial obligations. In 2015, Jim reacquired all of these Bluestone assets back from Mechel and, in a short time, reopened most of the mines and created more than 200 new mining jobs. Had Mr. Justice not stepped up, these mines would have stayed closed, back taxes would not have been paid, and UMWA pensioners would have been left in the cold.”

People in West Virginia got to come out of the coal mines and face the music. They have to learn new ways to draw energy – no more coal – only solar and electric powered USA. They keep dragging their knuckles on the ground in opposition to the efforts others have placed in helping America grow away from a dependency on Coal and into the 21st Century of light from Solar energy.

Then there is the matter of our HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES half of whom don’t represent anyone but themselves. How is MTG (that fat bitch) have 4M dollars? She put it out there – her hands outstretched to lobbyists who pay for her vote against her own constituents. This is a disgrace and America has to get rid of Lobbyists and Special Interest groups and we must get rid of all the GOP. Even if it does come down to a civil war.

Then Biden elected the oldest living treasury secretary to head the FEDERAL RESERVE – JANET YELLEN who served in the same position under CLINTON. Here is what the old madam said to Businessmen & CEO’s about the debt ceiling:

New York CNN — 

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has been calling CEOs and business leaders to discuss the consequences of brinkmanship around the debt ceiling, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The calls come on the heels of Yellen’s message to Congress that the United States could default on its obligations as soon as June 1, if lawmakers don’t address the debt limit before then — an accelerated timeline that increased pressure on President Joe Biden and House Republican lawmakers to ramp up their talks.

The Congressional Budget Office has also forecast that there is a “significantly greater risk that the Treasury will run out of funds in early June” because of weaker-than-expected tax collections.

This is what we owe on our DEBT CEILING as a country:

roughly $31.4tn -THAT’S TRILLION DOLLARS

This includes paying for federal employees, the military, Social Security and Medicare, as well as interest on the national debt and tax refunds. Every so often US Congress votes to raise or suspend the ceiling so it can borrow more. The cap currently stands at roughly $31.4tn (£25.2tn).2 days ago (MAY 8 2023)

What happens if the US debt ceiling isn’t raised?

If the debt ceiling binds, and the U.S. Treasury does not have the ability to pay its obligations, the negative economic effects would quickly mount and risk triggering a deep recession.Apr 24, 2023

Stupid Republicans I know are saying “take your money out and invest in gold” – I’m sorry the debt ceiling will not default unless the GOP in the HOUSE let it. They may let it because they don’t care about America. Countries like RUSSIA and CHINA are biting at the bit for a chance to raid our country at it’s lowest. Biden will not savage Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid to get the debt ceiling raised. He wants certain assurances that the GOP HOUSE refuse to give him.

This will lead to a gigantic depression and another civil war which will end in the bloodshed and deaths of thousands of our fellow American citizens namely the GOP. All of this is fine with me if they die because these angry white dudes are assholes running around with their guns, beating up people because they don’t look like them and other crimes. On Jan 6 2020 2000 assholes who call themselves patriots entered our capitol illegally and threatened to kill our then VP – Pence. They even set up his gallows with Trump’s approval. This is insanity at it’s best. Meanwhile I strongly urge Ice to invade every illegal household and get rid of the illegals – MAINLY because they will vote REPUBLICAN and we cannot have new members of the worst political party on our watch.

Then there is another Senator (D) formally now (I) Kyrsten Sinema who is a piece of dogshit with blonde hair and glasses. She is not representing anyone in congress but herself at this time even though she swears that she will never join the Republicans. She’s lied before much like #georgesantos who is now being investigate for his crimes. I don’t trust Sinema and I sincerely hope Arizona votes that bitch to the curb.

Also, if Trump is convicted for his multiple crimes he should not be able to run for office. The fact that he is still the forerunner for the GOP is sickening. If anyone votes for him they should be shot. I will also write that his Judges on SCOTUS should be bounced because they were appointed by a criminal president who had no business in the office. The drunk judge, the cult crazy judge and the other asshole Republican should be bounced immediately. Trump lost his first battle with #ejeancarroll.

Republican Senator #tedcruz is an embarrassment to this country and he should be returned to Canada in a box. He is getting fierce blowback from Texas constituents about the 2 mass shooting last weekend in his state. Texans should already know Cruz doesn’t give a flying fuck about you. Any guy who can leave a dog in a life threatening storm and take his family to a safe harbor without that dog is a dirt much like fellow Republican #mittromney who put his family dog on the top of his car in the summer heat. These people need to be put down by a firing squad.

Thanks to CNBC we have the agenda the House GOP is kicking to the President that he doesn’t agree with and holding our debt ceiling problem as hostage in order to get their way. I say IT’S TIME TO RISE UP PEOPLE & TAKE AIM AT THESE CROOKS IN THE GOP. Yeah yeah the Democrats are no angels but they aren’t trying to kill us like the GOP is. Read this agenda carefully – it’s a non starter for me & frankly I think the people need to start voting for congressional representatives on a yearly basis. The House GOP is out of control and their speaker is an asshole. I have written to him this same thing – no answer but they will listen if someone starts shooting up their kid’s schools. You know that’s right. I am NOT advocating this type of wrong behavior but something’s got to give.
Cat B Patten


McCarthy unveils debt ceiling bill that aims to cut big parts of Biden’s agenda




  • House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., introduced his proposal for a temporary debt ceiling increase.
  • He tied a potential increase to several spending cuts targeting President Joe Biden’s agenda.
  • It’s not clear whether McCarthy has votes within the GOP caucus to pass the bill.
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) speaks at a rally marking the 100th day of Republican control of the House in Washington D.C. on April 17, 2023.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) speaks at a rally marking the 100th day of Republican control of the House in Washington D.C. on April 17, 2023.

Nathan Posner | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., on Wednesday released his plan to raise the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion for about a year while attempting to repeal major components of President Joe Biden’s agenda.

McCarthy said the bill, called the Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023, would save American taxpayers more than $4.5 trillion by limiting discretionary spending, retrieving unspent pandemic-related funds, eliminating Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan and cutting funds earmarked for the Internal Revenue Service. (Sorry no go!)

The cuts would be in exchange for a one-year debt ceiling increase. (SO WE’LL BE BACK IN THIS SITUATION AGAIN IN 2024 – DURING A MAJOR ELECTION YEAR-HE’S A MORON) McCarthy called on Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., to “sit down, negotiate and address this crisis” but he did not mention whether the bill has enough support to pass. Biden has refused to negotiate over the debt limit. Extraordinary measures to avoid the first-ever U.S. sovereign debt default are on track to run out this summer.

“Now that we’ve introduced a clear plan for a responsible debt limit increase, they have no more excuse and refuse to negotiate,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy did not say when he would bring the bill to a vote in the House. It still wasn’t clear whether he had support within his own caucus to pass the bill. “I never give up, we’ll get them,” he told NBC News on Wednesday.

Even if the House GOP passes it, the Democratic-controlled Senate would likely kill the measure.

McCarthy’s announcement comes after days of speculation about the GOP proposal to temporarily raise the debt limit for certain cutbacks, such as a stall on non-defense discretionary spending.

The House speaker also doubled down on proposals for stricter work requirements for adults without dependents, the repeal of “Biden’s army of 87,000 IRS agents” and the president’s student loan forgiveness program, which could be killed by the Supreme Court. Justices are expected to rule on the student loan program by early summer. (THERE ARE 3 VERY ILLEGAL JUSTICES ON THE PANEL-THEY MUST ABSTAIN. THEN THERE IS CROOKED BLACK TOM SAWYER THOMAS WHOM WE NEED TO DUMP)

McCarthy also argued the measures will protect Social Security and Medicare by driving more people into the workforce to pay for it. Yet Democrats say it will hurt millions. (AGAIN, MCCARTHY IS AN ASSHOLE AND A LIAR. WHO’S TIRED OF THESE PEOPLE?)

“Speaker McCarthy’s proposal is not about jobs,” Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said after McCarthy’s announcement. “It is a Trojan Horse intended to use red tape and onerous paperwork to kick millions of people off their health insurance because Republicans do not believe in our nation’s social safety net. Republicans are creating a debt crisis to justify these cruel plans.”

Republicans’ narrow majority in the House means McCarthy can only afford to lose a handful of GOP votes given Democrats’ opposition.

“Let me be clear, this proposal is dead on arrival,” Pallone said on Wednesday.

The White House has maintained it will not negotiate on the debt ceiling and that Congress should pass a clean increase and address any budgetary concerns separately. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday said the administration was aware of McCarthy’s plans to release a proposal but condemned it as playing politics around something that is Congress’s “duty.”

Biden also took on McCarthy’s strategy Wednesday. “MAGA Republicans in Congress are threatening to default on the national debt, the debt that took 230 years to accumulate overall, unless we do what they say,” the president said in a speech in Maryland.

–CNBC’s Emma Kinery contributed to this report.





Just remember this – THE GOP and their followers chant “LET’S GO BRANDON” as a war cry because they don’t know Biden’s first name. Do you want these people in charge of your government? I don’t.

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