First you elect a polarizing leader – Trump – who then gets help from a foreign country leader – PUTIN. The GOP has been planning this coup for decades. They got CITIZEN’S UNITED to be a law in America where foreign countries can donate money to American politicians running for offices in USA. So the 2nd step will be to ostracize minorities like Trans kids and adults and then Gay People. After those two groups are neutralized then the attack goes to race – Black, Hispanic, Indians (India/Pakistan) and all the way down the line to where there is only people left that look like each other.

This is from the same rule book of Hitler and Pol Pot and other dictators. Eliminate your competition and then take over. Castro in Cuba comes to mind.

This is exactly what the GOP have planned and if the Democrats lose in the near future and congress has a republican majority – you ain’t seen nothing yet. If that happens I am going underground and become a silent ninja warrior against the Right.
Cat Patten

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