Cognitive Fungus-CV

Myqui on the right/Cat on the Left


COGNITIVE FUNGUS Productions is a rock/pop/folk musical duo with infectious songs & memorable riffs & lyrics that keep their fans listening. We are popular in Europe and have been at this music thing both separately & together for over 50 years. That dates us but Music & Writing is in our genes-it’s a part of us that will never die. Creating and Performing Music is not a hobby – it is a mission. Writing Screenplays for Film/Theater/Video projects is also a mission. While we are not the Blues Brothers we are dedicated and are on several musical platforms that feature our songs:


MYQUI PATTEN has been playing guitar, keyboards, drums and writing songs since childhood. Born in Perth Amboy, NJ Myqui grew up to be the guitarist of the first all female rock band, CANDY APPLE, who performed in places like #maxskansascity club, #theritz, #peppermintlounge, #thedirtclub and other NYC hotspots in the 1980s.

CANDY APPLE CIRCA 1980s-Suzi-bass, Myqui-guitar, Lauren-drums #njstrong #candyapple

She rode the NYC skyline for 30 yrs before meeting her partner. This partnership was formed in 2003 and together Myqui and Cathy have been #cogntitivefungus online #instagram & on youtube.

Myqui 2022

C. BONJUKIAN PATTEN started writing songs at 13 when her mom and Nana gave her a guitar for Christmas. Best Gift Ever! She was a guitar player in her first band THE ONLYS comprised of children without siblings. Bass player in her 2nd band THE CULPRITS who had a loft in the 38th street music building which ended in late 1980s when she went to California for a few years where she worked in Television for several Hollywood Producers on TV Game Show Pilots and Emmy award winning films. Upon her return to NYC she worked for USA Networks and was involved in the launch of the Sci-Fi Channel on Sept 24 1992. She worked for USA Networks as a Production Coordinator and Floor Manager for the first Sci-Fi TV show INSIDE SPACE starring host Nichelle Nichols, famous as Uhura from the Original Star Trek show.


Cat has written several Theater Plays: VEGAS & BROKEN, which are also written as FILMS. She has also written 10 films which have been scouted by agents and producers in the past. She is Producing a Scripted Reading of play VEGAS in the Spring of 2023 at the Dramatists Guild where she is an Associate Member. She and Myqui are writing another E-Book about their adventures in their paranormal Investigative group: NJ Spirit Society which will be available in 2023 on Amazon with our photos & EVPs available on our YOUTUBE Channel.:

Cat eating Mexican on her Birthday 2022

Both Myqui and Cathy are members of a MUSIC PRO ASCAP for the past several years and their music has a following on Jango Radio as well as Soundcloud Prem Unlimited where their tunes are listed for sale on various popular music sites: Tidel, Itunes, Spotify and others through MusicSubmit.,

Myqui Recording a Vocal
LIVING ROOM ROCK when we play original tunes in our living room – just like this!