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Alcoholics Part 2

So my sister-in-law (SIL) after getting out of hospital A week ago went back in on Friday the 20th. She went back in because she hadn’t been taking her meds, she hadn’t been eating and her blood sugar was through the roof. She is in a diabetic coma and refuses to open her eyes when she comes out of it because she comes in and out of it constantly throughout the day. She is combative and angry and strapped in on one hand because she tries pulling out her IVs. She is in ICU one in a Lowell hospital up in Massachusetts. They know her there. The nurses are very familiar with her case. They offer her help and rehabilitation she always refuses. She just wants to go back home and drink herself to death. What do you do with an individual like that we’re just sitting here watching her die. It’s unsettling.

It’s also killing her sister, my partner, whom I love. she has two sons, one in California one in Washington DC. They both work together in the same business. Those two brothers love each other. One is married one isn’t the one that is NOT will probably never get married. Here’s the problem I find with my SIL – she feels abandoned she feels like her entire life has been shot to shit. She’s right because of her bad decisions. Her sons’ role model was a father who would beat him and his brother up constantly when he was drunk & angry with his wife (SIL). The mother my SIL was combative not towards them as children but towards the husband because she felt locked in the situation she couldn’t get out of. She stayed in her 18 yr failed marriage when he threatened to track her down if she left with the kids and kill them all. Lovely man.

When they divorced she refused to take alimony and that is why she’s in the position she is in now. Her ex-husband is wealthy yet she refused to take his money? she raised both of her sons to not call her “mom“ but to call her by her first name. I tried calling my mother by her first name and she would never answer me until I called her mom. You can’t treat your children as if they’re your friends BECAUSE they’re not your friends they’re your children you gave birth to them, you have to show them discipline that’s what they look for and if they don’t find it in you they gonna go outside to find it. The son that’s married and living in California punched his mother in the eye back when he was living at home and was 17 and his first girlfriend broke up with him. He had gone to the girl’s house and was threatening her mom and the ex and the mom called SIL to come get her crazy son or she was calling the police. SIL tried to get him to go home and then he threatened her and told her “ I’m gonna punch you if you don’t leave me alone”. When she didn’t comply he punched her. She excuses that. SIL thinks love is a punch in the gut and your head being banged on a porcelain sink or against a cement brick wall. SIL believes that if you treat her kindly you don’t love her. There was a guy let’s say his name was RYAN. Ryan was the 3rd wheel in this couple’s relationship and they both had sex with Ryan often. Both SIL and asshole ex hubs were in love with RYAN. Ryan fell in love with SIL and wanted her to leave the hubby and live with him. When asked why she didn’t go her reply will always be “my hubby was more attentive and persuasive”. No mention of love or devotion or any kind of loving terms such as these. No – “he paid more attention to me so he won” basically is what SIL is saying. It’s selfish, it’s self-absorbed bullshit and it’s narcissism on her part.

When SIL and my partner were in their 20s, my partner had puppy that she left with SIL and her then boyfriend – a horny guy from prep – who distracted her (not hard to do) from taking care of puppy who loved to chase cars. While SIL and horny prep boy were dicking around Puppy got crushed by a car and they decided to bury it without telling my partner, who, when she found out, was devastated and didn’t talk to SIL for a long time. She couldn’t even take care of a puppy and this piece of shit had kids?

Btw, her ex did NOT want any kids but when the first was born he doted on him but the 2nd boy was born he was a surprise and the ex treated him like dirt. Hence the reason the 2nd boy is abusive to women – married twice -1 hispanic and his new mail order Chinese bride whose family comes in from Beijing to see her and their only son. If he starts banging her around she will take that kid and go back to China and he won’t ever see his son again. She would do that. I know because she blocked my partner, Xi’s husband’s aunt, when she inquired about him on social media and she has unblocked her but not after many years. I don’t like her and I don’t trust her. Why couldn’t he find a nice South Korean girl if he had to marry outside of his lane? Chinese can’t be trusted. The 2nd son won’t marry a blonde hair blue eyed American girl because she would remind him too much of his mother whom he love/hates. What kind of a kid hits his own mother – I think he’s a psycho and will one day end up killing someone – someone being a woman. He’s afraid of me because I call him out. His son is very cute and needs to know his grandmother – SIL – but she has no intention of ever meeting him. She was told by this son she can come live with him (a disaster of an idea) and Xi but only if she’s sober. Well she’s not going, doesn’t care about the kid, she doesn’t hate anyone but I think she doesn’t like Xi either. I tried to like Xi but it’s hard when someone like that talks like the cook in Bonanza. (hop sing) and I’m not sure it’s on purpose or what but she is so subservient to her husband its unnerving, almost stepford but with a lot of cunning behind him. I don’t trust her.

You can’t treat your children as if they’re your friends they’re not your friends they’re your children and they need love, attention and discipline what they don’t need lenient free wielding parents who have an open marriage.

One Christmas we went up to see SIL. Her sister had cut her hair short. Unbeknownst to us SIL was high on cocaine and alcohol. She flipped out and accused me of bringing a stranger to her home and where was her sister? This went on for a week as we were stranded there for Christmas in a huge snowstorm and couldn’t dig our car out. During that time SIL tried to kill me. With a knife. I don’t think I ever really knew her as a sane woman. For the first year or so of knowing SIL when her boys were still at home she was inconsistent and semi nice but I have no illusions about her. She doesn’t like me and I don’t like her. Even her old girlfriends from college are all alcoholics, drug addicts and whores. When I say whores I mean they would screw a lightbulb to get high if that lightbulb had a dick and product.

One of them lives near SIL and is married to her husband who is a millionaire because of his ability to create software for computers. (my partner recently told me that SIL told her that this woman brought her HEROINE to snort a few years back). WHAT THE HELL? This husband knows that she’s cheating on him and he keeps her as his wife still to this day. She even slept with the pool boy when he was away at work??? WHO DOES THAT? One of their kids grew up to be a psychotherapist and I don’t blame her with parents like this. I know I’m being judgmental but I don’t like this couple. The wife who has been SIL’s friend since 13 years of age has slept her way around all of my partner’s boyfriends when she dated boys. My partner & this woman don’t like each other and her infringement on my partner’s sex life was intentional. In fact, SIL MARRIED my partner’s ex boyfriend and he is the father to her two boys. Her ex is a bisexual and has slept with men he and SIL have dated together- okay so they were swingers. There is a problem with that when you have children. It’s irresponsible and it’s not a protective way to be when your kids were there. What if she had girls you know damn well or at least I do, that these other men involved in their relationship would have sort out her daughters, especially if those daughters looked like their mother. I never found SIL attractive but men upon meeting her go crazy? I have no idea what’s going on but it’s not just with one man ITS ALL OF THEM. I put SIL pix and profile on a dating app to see what would happen and she got over 1000 date proposals. None of that was sincere it was all about sex. None of these men wanted her because they thought she was attractive they just wanted sex out of her. The comments that were made or indecent some of them the platform took it off right away. So SIL is able to manipulate men absolutely.

In her marriage SIL had to cope with the fact that her hubby married her to be closer to her sister, my partner who is gay. On their wedding night it was my partner’s name he called out during sex. My partner, my late brother-in-law, their late parents, and the boys late parents all told SIL NOT to marry him. No one liked him she never listened. That’s her problem she never listens to anyone on anything she’s willful she’s impulsive and she’s an asshole.

So now this woman is again in the hospital for abusing alcohol and her pain meds. She told my partner that if “doctors would just give me more oxy I wouldn’t have to drink” and then she denies drinking a lot. One drink (she started with beer at 13 and has graduated to HARD SELTZER WITH VODKA), can send her to the hospital and intensive care where she is now.

I know I painted a really bad picture of my SIL but there is just no other way to write this – Her eldest son said recently – “I feel like my mother is a spoiled teenagers that I have to take care of for 20 years”. He was 18 when she went off the rails that Christmas when we were there and my partner’s hair was cut short. Before we left she recognized her sister and told us “I was testing you”???? WTF? Yeah I think I know who she really is. Alcohol shines a light on the truth of who a person really is. If I drink too much I fall asleep. If she drinks too much she causes trouble.

I have set up boundaries with SIL and don’t address her but I am going to have to step in and tell her off. She’s going to die anyway by suicide because that is what drinking to death is – suicide. My partner coddles her and always tells her “I love you”. Well tell her something else like “you are a disgrace. You don’t want to help yourself so why should I sit around and watch you die? I’m going to refuse to do that. “

Their late mother once told SIL “I have to love you because I am your mother but I don’t like you.” Very hurtful thing to say and yeah I believe Parents don’t love their children unconditionally – there are always conditions but that is another story.

Sorry this one is so ramped up but no one in my life right now who is a relative or knows about this story is happy about it.


Minimum Wage Increase

The minimum wage increases in NJ every year. Freelancers like me then have to accommodate that rising cost to what we do. I, personally find it annoying because my rate hourly that has to either come down or fluctuate until I find a job that is willing to pay me what I’m worth.

Sincerely if you are a dishwasher or a fast food worker that’s really a part-time job. To have a career when should use the part-time job to go to community college and get out of that part-time job and get a better job. I don’t see why I have to be the one who has to change my rates to accommodate a rising minimum wage for people who don’t deserve it. Why should a fry cook get as much as me when they don’t have my education? The real answer is they shouldn’t. I understand what politicians are doing by raising the The wages but I don’t appreciate it. It puts me in a really bad situation with my family and my income. Finding a job is hard enough than having to now combat people who are uneducated getting the same rate as me. I don’t know how many people have the same problem as I do and I think every time I mention this to someone about my background my education and my experience I get the same answer “we want to hire somebody for a lower rate. “

And the reason for that is, they’re cheap. The companies are cheap they’re willing to train an inexperienced uneducated person to becoming what they want them to become. This is also a problem-let’s take my old profession bookkeeping. In bookkeeping I have seen and followed people into jobs where I had to rework their books because they didn’t know what they were doing and they were taught a certain way and the way they were taught was wrong. then when you try to educate these people on the right way to do things they argue with you. They get annoyed with you. They try to get you fired. But I wouldn’t be hired as a freelancer by their bosses if they were getting the results they wanted. I do have to say honestly most the people that I had to follow who didn’t know what they were doing were minorities. that’s not a racist statement it’s a statement of fact based upon my experience.

This also brings up the word “racism”. If you say something that someone doesn’t like you’re racist. to say that extends beyond The woke crowd and that’s on both sides left and right – will tell you you’re racist based upon just ONE comment. That is ridiculous. I will go so far as to say everyone is racist then based upon peoples comments.There’s also nothing truthful in the statement of “reverse racism“. This does not exist there is only one type of prejudice on race.

Statements of “reverse racism“. This is categorically wrong there is no such thing as reverse racism there is only racism. The meaning of the word has been misconstrued into meeting whatever the accuser is accusing you of. Also wrong. It happens a lot when people lose arguments they then resort to name-calling and the word “racism“ always comes up. how do we combat that to work with people on the left side of the aisle and on the right? You don’t you just laugh and walk the fuck away. they’re not gonna believe you they’re not gonna listen to you so why bother speaking to them. Let them live in their own tunnel world. Don’t we have too many things to do in life we have two much stuff on our plate to have to stop and try to explain yourself to someone who really doesn’t care about anything unless they’re winning the argument.



In 1998 I wrote a play called VEGAS about 2 mentally and physically challenged young adults who yearn to meet someone that looks and acts like them. When they meet they soon fall in love but encounter rejection for parental figures in their life and social morays about their situation seeks to overcome their desire to be together forever.

We had our first reading rehearsal on Saturday Jan 14 at my co-writing partner’s studio in PA. With a few hiccups that need to be polished with certain actors who are pivotal to the reading we had a good table read. We also had a pot luck dinner where everyone brought either drinks or food or both. We were also able to hire one of our actors mom who is a creative director to do our INVITATIONS for producers/Investors which is a life saver considering I got tons of other stuff to get out of my TO DO LIST.

Here is a picture of our cast minus 2 (1 character & our Narrator who is on vacation)


Afghanistan’s Taliban are full of Misogynist Pigs who want to keep women down

On Sunday They attacked an Afghan female lawmaker in her home – Mursal Nabizada. Her brother was also struck down but is still alive, from the vicious attack. They got their target and are trying to keep women in the country down by any means necessary. Why any woman would want to still live in that country is beyond me. Let the men have each other – they are all homosexuals anyway who are lusting after each other’s assholes.

Hopefully one day, the Taliban will be a far distant memory and Democracy and Freedom will come to Afghanistan and women will be more respected.



i will tell you why I feel this way the plot was refreshing but unlike TV show #Hannibal the food that was served up was at a minimum. THE MENU is billed as a horror comedy my partner fell asleep watching it. Maybe she was tired but maybe it was too slow for her and she is the one who loves cooking shows. It was more of a REVENGE HORROR film presented in a painstakingly deliberate beat that gave it a thriller image.

Plot is right out of Agatha Christie – a rich elitist crowd of egotistical foodies descent on a island off the shore for a mysterious 6 course meal by a famous brooding chef and his staff who have dedicated their entire existence to serve HIM. What follows is a series of stories within the plot for EACH CHARACTER who affected the CHEF who has offered the meal in revenge for what he thought they did to crash his love of cooking.

This is an EPIC HORROR film without a lot of blood It is a contemporary take on a REVENGE story that does not really reveal itself until the very end of the film. I found it completely engrossing right to the very end.

WATCH #themenu you won’t be disappointed.



Watched it and have found fault with the Reality TV Producers who were the first to make that video interview he did go viral. They made him famous and fumbled because KAI aka CALEB has mental problems and they realized wayyyy too late that KAI the HITCHHIKER is insane.

NJ Clark Lawyer met KAI the hitchhiker who is homeless and bought him a NJ Transit ticket to go to his home in NJ. Kai is a nomad and very naive as per his mom whom he said abused him and did not want him. She said she kept him in his room because she feared that he would go out and never come back. He has mental issues stemming from his parents divorce when he was 4 yrs old. Kids tend to blame themselves

Where Kai aka Caleb Lawrence McGillvary does have family in Canada but he left in his teens because he cited abuse, which his mom denies. The viewer does not know much about KAI’s background so we’re supposed to understand that Kai is responsible for murdering a 70 year old lawyer from Clark NJ? Everything points to the producers who exposed a mentally ill young guy to the world on idiotic social media who proclaimed him “a hero” and then “a talented person” which he was anything but a talented hero.

If anything the very naive and mentally unstable Kai the hitchhiker should never have gone with the NJ Clark Lawyer to his home or let him buy him that NJ Transit ticket. If he did kill the lawyer he did it out of self defence however his later social media posts convey otherwise – he wanted to become a vigilante against pedophilic men raping younger men and boys. Kai said he was raped by a man on the road when he was unhomed but he said he got away.

Everywhere Kai went during the time he was being courted by reality TV show Producers; he urinated on something. He is a socially challenged young 35 year old guy whom I think has a mental problem. However did he really murder that lawyer? Was the lawyer a rapist or was Kai a violent predator himself and murdered the man in a premeditated attack? It’s a case of a rich well liked lawyer and a transient unstable young man with mentally questionable motives.

In this ARTICLE FROM #TAPIN.NET says that Police did not give Kai a rape test because it had been too long a time since he was allegedly raped by the lawyer and the cops didn’t take any evidence at the home that Kai claimed he was drugged by the lawyer. The medical examiner said the amount of drugs Kai was given wouldn’t have made him pass out like he said HOWEVER the cops and the examiners do not know what Kai had in his system prior to drinking the drugged beer at the lawyer’s home. The cops found their man and did little to pursuade others he wasn’t guilty. In other words they were lazy in looking for another reason like self-defense on the part of Kai and that he was telling the truth about being raped by the prominent lawyer. Wouldn’t be the first time a prominent person was an “on the downlow” of our society as a part time hobby.

WE. WILL. NEVER. KNOW. Kai is appealing his NJ Sentence of 57 years in prison which, I believe is excessive, ridiculous and our State did not give Kai benefit of the doubt or what he was saying happened another look.

We may never know however Kai keeps appealing his over-the-top sentence. Anyone wanting to help him can sign this petition & donate $ to get Kai released.




Just by doing this shows me how vicious DICK WOLF is towards women. I truly believe he hates women the way he treats his female characters and the actors who portray them on all his shows.

Just a very short rant on a cold winters day.




a greater liking for one alternative over another or others. EXAMPLE-“he chose a clock in preference to a watch”

What is CHOICE?

an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. EXAMPLE: “the choice between good and evil”

Similar: option alternative possibility possible course of action solution answer way out

the right or ability to make, or possibility of making, such a selection. EXAMPLE “I had to do it, I had no choice”
a range of possibilities from which one or more may be selected. EXAMPLE “you can have a sofa made to order in a choice of over forty fabrics”

This is my narrative and I only speak for myself. I am Cat Patten, I am writing this on behalf of myself – all the following is MY OPINION: I believe GAY PEOPLE make a choice. They have a preference. So is PREFERENCE A CHOICE?


Does preference mean choice?

choice suggests the opportunity or privilege of choosing freely. option implies a power to choose that is specifically granted or guaranteed. alternative implies a need to choose one and reject another possibility. preference suggests a choice guided by one’s judgment or predilections.Dec 25, 2022

When I was 10 years old I got my period for the first time. It was a memory etched into my psyche; the pain, that dreadful archaic pad that wrapped around your waist right at the bikini line. The blood, the flood, the explanation, the regret and the anger. I remember my mom explaining that it was my father’s chromosomes that made me female so essentially she blamed my entire life episode on him. As if I needed more to hate on my father? So when I went out to confront him all angry and in pain what did he do? He laughed. He laughed at me. So I choose to hate him from jump street. 10 years later a British doctor invented ADVIL & I fell in love with this dude. Advil was the calming influence in my life as far as my period goes. 40 years I had that stupid thing and wished every time that there was a way to turn it off and then on when ever I may have needed it. Otherwise it was just a nuisance.

Also at 10 years of age I realized I was gay but because my mother told me “If you ever tell me that you are gay I will disown you. I will throw you out of our home. You will not get one penny from the money we have. We will both shun you.” She told me this 4 times in my life. Once at 10, Once at 15 (I should have left them and gone to my aunt’s to live) once at 27 and the last time at 35 when she realized what I was and that I was never going to marry a guy. She passed away from breast cancer in 2001 April and for the year between 2000 & 2001 I went home to take care of her since my father had a stroke and couldn’t. For that year I gave up my apartment thinking I’ll get another one after she passes but I didn’t because I got stuck there after 911 in NYC. There were no jobs therefore I was at the mercy of my father whom I did not get along with BUT that is another awful story to be told another time.

I believe my mother was a good person, with a good heart and she was smart but she had made bad choices in her life. The first bad choice was allowing her parents to tell her what to do. They told her when she wanted to be a teacher and get $ to go to school that they would buy her a beauty salon instead. Then she said she wanted to be a WAC in the army serving in WW2 – they told her NO you have to stay here since you are not married and take care of us. Her choices were given to her by her parents – she chose to become a person who takes hair off women and men-electrolysis. Then she chose to marry my father to get away from her parents – bad choice. My father was an asshole and was an asshole to the day he died in 2006. He lived 5 years after my mom and cried every single day for her and drove others nuts. He died at 89 years of age and I don’t miss him to this day although writing about him makes me angry. In truth at his funeral even his horrible family did not come well most of them are dead but my partner and I were the only ones at his funeral. At my mother’s there were 100 people. Go figure.

I believe my mom was asexual and part of the gay community. People who hate gay people so much are people who are denying their own sexuality. She saved herself for marriage, which is comical because she had no plans to marry. She should have become a nun but then I wouldn’t have been born. But that would have been fine with me. My mom had a lot of fear and loathing. The reason, I think, because social morays at that time in the 1950s was geared towards a woman being with a man. She never had gay sex but when she had sex with my father she said and I quote “I thought, “was that all it is? Why did my friends rave about sex. I found it boring.”

Sex, is not, boring. Sex is fucking awesome with the right person. But don’t hate on my mom because after that caretaking year of her berating me and giving me the silent treatment and basically doing everything she could to avoid chemo – she died but before that happened she apologized to me by saying 3 words before she passed away and I never spoke to her again: “I. ADORE. YOU”.

Well she had a lot of choices and she had her preferences but so do I. I went out with men and slept with men for 20 years but I also did the same with women. Women are just better people all the way around. Then I said to myself – I don’t like me this way. I started then to go out with women full time and I was happy. Then in 2002 I met my partner and fell in love. I was happy. In 2013 we married and I am still happy. Sadly, my mother was never happy.

I believe when we are born – we are bisexual. We experience boys and girls differently. We grow from those experiences and then we decide who we are and what we want to do with our lives. We make choices. When the gay community tells the world community “this is our preference” I believe that THIS IS OUR CHOICE. We make choices.

When I was a kid I was growing up in the 1960s and if transsexuality was accepted then I might have changed my assigned gender to a boy but I think the only thing that stopped me or would have stopped me is – I did not want a penis. Not big on penis’. I find them silly and frankly my glory hole is better than their penis in oh, so many ways! My partner recently admitted the same thing to me and we had a good laugh. We like being women in love with women. As Mama Ru(Paul) constantly says: “if you cant love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else. Can I get an AMEN up in here?!”

If men could get their period – there would be better drugs on the market every. single. month. If men could get pregnant there would be a mandatory 9 months off from work and another 9 months to a year for them to bond with the baby. If men were forced to be women there would not be any women raped. EVER. If men had more estrogen in their bodies I think they would be kinder to women and there would not be any domestic violence.

Men have a choice; either do better in the world since they are the leaders of this world or move the fuck out of our way. I don’t hate men but I prefer to not date them even though I like some of them as friends. I prefer women to men sexually. I have had men tell me “I’m a lesbian, too!” Yeah….HA!


I believe we are all born bisexual. Then we make a choice thru the experiences we have in life. We make these choices early even though we might fluctuate in our teens and early 20s. Our choices are our preferences. That is what I believe.

I also believe everyone on earth is racist at one time or another in their lives. I fully admit to it on a very wide basis which is what racism is – a broad stroke of stupidity we all make about different races not our own. I believe we are all hateful disgusting beings sometime in our lives, some do it more than others and lovely thoughtful beings when we need to be. We are both. We are, in fact, human.

You can call me lezzie although I won’t answer to it. It was a bad haircut.

You can call me dyke although I am not a pole wading in the water holding up a platform and there is no dutch boy with his finger in me. Although he’s a cutie!

You can call me freak but I know I am not that.
You can call me by my name or you can call me names; your stones cannot hurt me. I know who and what I am.

I am happy. I choose to be happy as it is my preference.



Here is our theory as to why some people die young and some die old. Remember the saying: “only the good die young” ? Well I definitely would love discussion on this post from readers because this is what we think:

Here is our new theory on why people get slain or take their own lives or some catastrophic thing happens to them. The reasons below may be correct or maybe certain people who choose to follow one theory (paranormal investigation) and then they develop their mediumship from that which leaves them open spiritually is because they are here to be WITNESSES to what happens on earth in their lifetime. Not sure but we always think we are the witnesses but we can also be part of the problem.


Our planet is on the lower end of this galaxy which we believe is a branch of hades or HELL. That would explain why there is so much paranormal activity going on around us at all times. It would also explain why DEMONS live among us and why things we see but cannot explain live among us too – UFO, BIGFOOT, Monsters of children’s imaginations or are they demons or ghosts who have gained too much power on this rock by refusing to ascend to their heavenly rest?

Souls born on earth have committed some major or some sort of crimes in another life on planet Earth or on another planet. Maybe in another dimension the other planets are inhabited and Earth is just an empty rock in the universe?

Whatever the case may be we believe that the people whose lives are cut short planned them that way because they paid for whatever sins they committed before and their time in this life has ended. Tragically tho it may seem it is their way of getting off this planet. Or are we watching too much Sci-Fi?

People who live to years 99 or past 100 have had past lives where they are guilty of horrendous acts of violence according to our theory. I believe that I have had many lives before this current one and that my Akasha Records, which I did see in a past revisit to one of my past lives, was full of science and math pages along with musical and writing. So in the past I was smarter than I am in this life or at least I used my entire brain to achieve successes in those more academic fields of study.

In one of my past lives I do believe I was a serial killer as a male whose life was cut short when I was shot dead by authorities. Not in America but in a foreign country where I was born into a really bad family who was poor and ignorant. While I can remember pockets of information from 6 months old, there are times I cannot remember what happened yesterday.

What got us on this path of self-discovery and to unravel our past lives and go into classes about past lives was when several years back in Massachusetts a British medium who appeared on a BBC program MOST HAUNTED came to America and we met him. He told us just by looking at us that in a past life we were twin girls and not married to each other. That he saw us in plaid coats holding hands standing by a huge ship that came from another country – probably Ireland or England. Somehow I can see that too in my mind’s eye. Is it suggestion that is all that is needed to accomplish past lives in our waking life? I don’t know the answer to that.

My partner, Myqui, often watches Paranormal shows because we are both interested in that field as well and sometimes we go out on investigations. Since doing that now together and apart for over 35 years we have developed a 6th sense or at least widened whatever we initially had and opened ourselves up to more experiences. I am writing a book about our paranormal adventures and will detail EVPS and pictures I have taken on our adventures and will be posting them here in blog/stories.

One of the adventures details a show that we used to stream called GHOST HUNTERS whose tag line is “GHOST HUNTERS BY NIGHT & PLUMBERS BY DAY”. Okay so the Mario Brothers team were at an old New England Home where there was a reported female ghost. They went to her bedroom and asked her to talk to them. They had special recording instruments and when they asked “WHERE ARE YOU?” they got an intelligent response asking them the same question: “I am here. Where are you?”.

Remember the movie THE OTHERS a 2001 film starring Nicole Kidman who played a Civil War mom plagued by ghosts in her home while she tries to protect her kids? You should watch that – fascinating from both sides of the spectrum in which we live. The Smithsonian has some ideas about time and space:

How many real dimensions are there?

Image result for how many dimensions are there in real life

The world as we know it has three dimensions of space—length, width and depth—and one dimension of time. But there’s the mind-bending possibility that many more dimensions exist out there. According to string theory, one of the leading physics model of the last half century, the universe operates with 10 dimensions.Oct 8, 2018

So keeping in step with these if you ever go to see a medium and they look down about 3 feet off the ground to then tell you what they are seeing – that is a dimensional shift they are deriving their observations from. Some mediums or Psychics will tell you that their SPIRIT GUIDES inform them of occurrences in other people’s lives but in truth what a medium or psychic does is read the person that is asking questions about departed loved ones.

My mother, Helen, had that gift of 6th sense as we called it when she was alive. She could predict as far into the future as 20-30 years. She passed away in 2001 yet all of what she told me has come true. She also said I would live to be an old lady so if our theory is correct either I lived another life that was terrible and I did terrible things in that life that I must atone for in this life or I am here to witness other people’s problems and their outcomes in this life and write them down. Either can be true or false. There is no right or wrong here – just conjecture.

Life is a mystery until you unravel it and unfortunately we come to this rock as toddlers so we really don’t get the chance to take off running as cognitive beings until 20 years of age and we first must go through those first 20 years with parents and events with others growing up which will shape our lives in the future.


Writing a Screenplay starts with an IDEA

Everyone has them. Writing a screenplay starts with an IDEA but you cannot copyright an idea so you would have to write a TREATMENT on your idea and expand that to fit the form of whichever genre you are wanting to achieve.

So there are several different Script Types that I’m talking about: 1 is a Theater Play which can be performed on Broadway or Off-Broadway. Then there is a Teleplay that is a script made for Television or a Mini-Series (more than one episode), then the last type is a script for a Television series that is ongoing year to year hopefully. One other type is a short film or short film for television. I like to tape shorts for short film festival and most of that is sketch comedy with a few actors and a short script under 10 mins.

Each of these types of scripts are FORM driven in that they each have a separate type of Form they adhere to. Script pages for a film are usually 2 hours long or 120 mins which equals to 120 pages as each written page equals one minute. Quentin Tarantino writes long scripts some of them are over 2 hours and that page count is still the same – 1 minute per page.

A TREATMENT is not the actual script. A Treatment is the outline of the script you will write AFTER you write down your idea. I think of it as a map to writing my script. Most writers don’t write the script in one seating so they will have to go back to the script to complete it over several days or weeks or months. In order to organize your script you must have a cohesive TREATMENT to WRITE FROM. In the Treatment you will write down your LOGLINE – a brief elevator pitch of what your original idea is about. 2ndly you will write down a short SYNOPSIS of what your script is about BUT NEVER GIVE THEM THE ENDING. Then write down your CAST OF CHARACTERS. It’s best to keep them under 10 characters unless you are writing a script like WAR AND PEACE or GONE WITH THE WIND with a lot of different characters.

LOGLINES-When writing a logline remember these 3 points: WHEN, THEN, UNTIL…. examples:

“Star Wars: A New Hope.” “When an optimistic farm boy discovers that he has powers, (THEN) he teams up with other rebel fighters (UNTIL) to liberate the galaxy from the sinister forces of the Empire.” 

“Titanic”: WHEN Two star-crossed lovers meet & fall in love on the maiden voyage of the Titanic and THEN struggle to survive as the ship sinks into the Atlantic Ocean UNTIL they hold out hope they will survive the maritime disaster.” 

The Godfather”: “The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.” 

Reservoir Dogs”: “After a simple jewelry heist goes terribly wrong, the surviving criminals begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant.” 

After you write your LOGLINE, SYNOPSIS, CAST OF CHARACTERS you are now at the point of writing down your actual TREATMENT which is a SCENE BY SCENE detail of what will happen in each scene with your characters. When you introduce a character for the first time you usually CAPITALIZE that character’s name. in the Scene by Scene treatment of your script you can write “funny lines for that character” that pop into your head, ACTION that those characters take in that SCENE and so forth.

If you write your treatment in this way you will be able to leave your script for a day, a month or months and go back to it and take up where you left off because you already wrote a treatment that is the map to the script you are writing. Meaning that you won’t waste valuable time when returning to your script. Even during the writing of the script from the treatment ideas for scenes can change and I usually notate them in the treatment first and then make the change or add that idea into the script itself.

After the script is finished have friends gather and have an impromptu reading so you can hear the script. Then hold a real reading of the script with real actors and a person with a theatrical clear voice as the NARRATOR. I urge every single person who is an aspiring writer to join the DRAMATISTS GUILD, which is a Dot Org and they are also on line. Please look them up and join as an ASSOCIATE MEMBER. There are tons of benefits and you will be able to go to free & discounted lectures for writers, playwrights, musicians, composers. They are a mandatory organization for me to join. One last thing – when you finish your script via your TREATMENT – put both TREATMENT & SCRIPT INTO THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS FOR COPYRIGHT. if for some reason you change or add something of important to the copyrighted script you should copyright it again and us the US Copyright # you received from first Copyright to link it to the new copyright of your work.

Next article will be next week when we and our actors meet for the first time for our POT LUCK PARTY & FIRST REHEARSAL on Saturday Jan 14, 2023. For awhile I will be writing about our upcoming reading for our SCRIPTED READ VEGAS coming up in June of this year.

VEGAS LOGLINE – When 2 mentally challenged young adults meet each other and fall in love, they plan to run to VEGAS to marry, until the boy’s father and social morays of the time threaten to separate them forever.

Here’s the question – if you were a LEAD PRODUCER would you be interested in getting investors for this script?