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Here’s my opinion about the woke oscars – I never watch them. I don’t care who wins or looses – it means absolutely nothing to me. It does not affect my wallet nor my intellect. I feel removed from the awards shows in general.

Here’s what I care about – graciousness, tributes to real people, if you win be grateful. If you lose be gracious.

We watched exactly up to the part that introduced Jaimie Lee Curtis’ character of the IRS agent in EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. That’s all we could stomach out of that terrible movie. For it to get an Oscar for Best Picture is a travesty. Jaimie Lee Curtis’ role was a supporting role and she got that award for it. While I did not see Angela Bassette’s film – it’s WAKANDA whatever. Not interested. Angela if you want an award go back to where you are appreciated the most THEATER.

TWITTER, a social media full of literal twits whose opinions don’t add up to a hill of beans when bananas last night (so it seems) when Curtis won over Bassett. Too bad. You want a vote – join the Academy. Curtis’ instagram is shut to people she doesn’t know. “comments limited” because she got stoned for a slight twitter took offense to and bombarded her with accusations and threats. No one needs social media – except me and my team – producing readings and shows are not easy without social media.

Twitter is charging that Bassett or Hsu should have won. But they did not. That is how the fortune cookie crumbles. Yeon won best actress for the film I did not like and her co-star Ke also won best actor and he had quit the business. Now he won’t stop working – you get an Oscar that’s money in the bank. From the little I saw of his film – he deserved that statue.


Twitter is also charging that Curtis shouldn’t have won because she is white. Here we go with the black and asian racist chanting morons again. Over and over until they get their way. It’s enough already woke dead. Go back to sleep.

winners circle



THIS IS WHAT MICHELLE YEOH SAID IN HER ACCEPTANCE SPEECH. “Ladies, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are past your prime,” Yeoh said.

Rock on people!



I wrote this song when I was 25 years young – somewhere in the 1980s – the best decade of my young life. I was in a rock band named THE CULPRITS and told the band to go home and write a love song about a thing you love. I wrote about my stereo walk man and primarily that is what my song was about. It used to be really fast – neck breaking fast- and I played bass on it with the band.

When I presented this song they played it like they had been playing it forever. It was a really big rush playing that one time and then it became our most requested song. Good for us bad for our playing – it was fast man!

So I slowed it down and used some new words to describe the same feelings I had when I was 25 although times have changed and the song is different now.

I finally finished the edit of this 2 min song and it was the longest edit in my life. I started in October 2022 and finished 3/7/23. WHY? I was remembering people who influenced my life and some of them even saved me from outside forces hell bend on hurting me. Their loyalty and then what happened to them broke my spirit. There are 4 people in this video that have passed away for one reason or another but they were all my friends. I miss them. I miss not being able to see them but I didn’t see them much in the last 15 years so I am a bad friend. I hope they forgive me. Each of them died young in my estimation. Some could have been saved but for doctor negligence and some were too far gone to help but they were all still my friend at one time or another in my life and I thank them with this video.

The kid in the video is not me. She kinda looks like me but she’s not and she’s not related to me at all. She is my friend Corey’s kid and her name is OLIVIA and she is 3.5 years old. What a cutie she is. Anyway I used her to portray me in pictures which worked out really well. I hope her family likes it.

This is Stereo Child. A song I wrote in the 1980s when life was different and people were friendlier and the internet was not around – better days.

Stereo Child starring Olivia Brunish


COLLETTE DIVITTO is a disability advocate who has down’s syndrome and is an owner of her own Boston MA cookie company. I love cookies – my downfall, just as my body, is sweets. Good & Plenty is my fav licorice treat – 155 pieces of godlike candy in a 6 oz box. It’s fat free but NOT CALORIE FREE – but that’s another story.

I read about Collette and her business when researching companies whose owner’s are considered disabled. So just take a look at her site – she’s anything BUT DISABILED & I want some of her cookies. I love cookies.

Collette/her sister/her mom


Collette, a young woman born in 1990 with Down Syndrome, has been creating her own recipe for cookies for fun! But after rejection repeatedly when applying for a paying job and being told she had great skills, was always told the same thing…she was not “a good fit”.

Collette was determined to open her own business and try to earn a living on her own. Collette, a very tenacious young woman, despite any disability, was off to show people how able she is and how other’s like herself can be of great value to their community. Collette has created a global movement (check out her In The News Page) and is known by many throughout the world.

Her response to all this new unintentional fame is, “why are people so surprised”.  Collette travels around the country to share her inspiring story, and constantly encourage people to focus on their abilities rather than what they can’t do.

She speaks to audiences of hundreds to thousands and has decided she needs to use her platform to create change and to help the non-disabled population see abilities and start including and employing people with disabilities more and more. It pains Collette to know 82% of people with a disability, that are capable of work, cannot find paying jobs…which means they cannot live independently. 

With every cookie sale Collettey’s has, Collette is one step closer to offering yet another employment opportunity in her company.  And with every cookie sale Collettey’s has, Collette is also one step closer to her “Call to Action” plan that she insists on leading.

This plan is to represent her community in Washington, D.C. with a written employment incentive policy for adoption, and to request the elimination of the sub minimum wage. She has been referred to as “One smart cookie” and “One tough cookie”.

Collette is working with interested partners for production locations across the country, all of which are culinary training organizations for people with disabilities whose graduates cannot find jobs.  It’s a win win….so please order cookies for all your gifts so Collette can continue to expand!

With her trademark sass and drive to work hard and succeed, keep an eye on this girl!

her mission

The Mission                                             

With all the great strides that society has made recently in acceptance and equality, the disability community is often overlooked. Many people are surprised to hear about the rejection that Collettey’s Cookies CEO Collette Divitto faced in trying to find a paying job, but sadly her story is actually typical among people with disabilities – 82% of people with a disability are unemployed. Many of them want to work, have valuable skills to contribute, and ache for the chance to prove themselves and earn a living.

Even among that much smaller percentage of people with disabilities who are employed, most of them live in poverty due to the 14c Exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act. This is a little-known federal law that excludes Americans with disabilities from receiving the federal minimum wage and allows employers to pay them whatever they think they’re worth. When this law was first passed in 1938, it required employees with a disability to earn at least 75% of the minimum wage. But things have changed over time. In 1966, that rate dropped to 50% and in 1986, that percentage was removed altogether. There have been reported cases of people with disabilities making as little as $1 an hour. This is simply unacceptable.

The mission of Collettey’s Cookies is to create jobs for people with disabilities, change the public perception of just how capable this population truly is, and work with Congress in Washington, D.C. to adopt policies that would abolish the 14c Exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act, and provide tax incentives to employers that hire workers with a disability.

Collette has hired several people with disabilities, and will continue to hire more as Collettey’s Cookies continues to grow. The company is working to develop co-manufacturing partnerships with organizations both across the United States and internationally to open locations in their facilities and employ people with disabilities in those cities. Collette has also started a non-profit, which provides advocacy, employment training, and her personally-developed entrepreneurial program. A percentage of each cookie sold by Collettey’s Cookies is donated directly to the non-profit.

In support of this mission, Collette is looking to team up with documentary film producer.

Collette hopes an unscripted doc of her life day to day and all the past achievements to help inspire and bring hope to others in the disability community.

Every cookie you order helps bring Collette one step closer to hiring another person with disabilities, providing training to an underserved population, getting to Washington, and changing the world.  Sign my petition to create jobs:


While I cannot buy any cookies now because I have to lose 30 pounds before June 15 – I do intend to buy some from her AND I also follow her on #instagram. You should, too!


So two of my actors for VEGAS Reading met on Sunday at his home in PA for the first time. It was if they were friends forever. They read together and it was a situation where MAGIC HAPPENED right in front of us. Our Art Director, Tina, took some videos and pictures. I have included them in this post. Below is Maro DeLo who plays bad guy ANTHONY (in the wife beater undershirt) and Shenendoah (in the blue henley) who actually does not need a last name but he has one – Thompson who plays Dominick. Scene 1 taken on a cell phone. It was our first time meeting Shenendoah so when he walked in the door on Sunday I leaned over to Tina and asked her “did you invite #bradpitt?” Ahhhh – I love my actors!

Shenendoah drove 2 hours to do this on Sunday. Guy’s a trooper and he is a referral by one of our other actors, Anthony Wilcox who plays COOKIE. I’ll always look at a referral first. I have never been steered wrong by referrals except for one person who shall remain nameless.

Those are NOT real cigarettes but Maro did put it behind his ear. LOL I think he burned himself. Don’t worry Maro, John said he’s gonna teach you how to use a cigarette since you don’t smoke.

Lastly, Today 3/7/23 – The boys have adopted each other as honorary brothers. These guys are good actors and funny, too! Both of these young men are musicians. This is #shenendoah’s instagram and this is Maro’s

AND if anyone is interested please follow COGNITIVE FUNGUS on #instagram here:




MTG is complaining that a woman and her son, who disagreed on MTG political stance “attacked” her in a restaurant Monday Night. This is the same MTG who stood up multiple times during several STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESSES BY POTUS BIDEN to call him “LIAR”.



YEAH – I DON’T LIKE HER. I WISH HER THE WORST. I think this is the HEIGHT of HYPOCRISY that she’s annoyed at this woman.

The woman and her son should get a medal for annoying her. Next time make it a CHOIR SINGING BAD SONGS TO HER ABOUT HER TO HER FACE.



The Hill

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she was ‘attacked’ by ‘insane’ woman in restaurant

HOW DOES IT FEEL YOU MORE ON!? (how you would spell if you were MTG) LOL

Written by Julia Shapero

Tue, February 28, 2023 at 7:39 AM EST

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said she was “attacked” by an “insane” woman in a restaurant on Monday night.

“I was attacked in a restaurant tonight by an insane women and screamed at by her adult son,” Greene said in a tweet. “They had no respect for the restaurant or the staff or the other people dining or people like me who simply have different political views.”

“I was sitting at my table, working with my staff, and never even noticed these people until they turned into demons,” Greene said.

“People used to respect others even if they had different views. But not anymore,” she added. “Our country is gone.”

Greene did not provide details in the tweet regarding where the alleged incident took place or if police responded. The Hill has reached out to her office for comment.

Greene stirred up a political firestorm last week when she once again called for a “national divorce” between Republican and Democratic states.

“We need a national divorce. We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government,” Greene tweeted at the time. “From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are done.”

She made similar comments about a “National Divorce scenario” in December 2021, when she suggested that “Democrat voters and big donors” had brought “ruin” to California and shouldn’t be allowed to move to Florida without a “cooling off period.”

Greene has previously faced threats while serving in Congress.

A New York man pleaded guilty earlier this month to sending Greene several threatening voicemails last March, in which he said he was going to cause her “physical harm” and threatened to “pay someone 500 bucks to take a baseball bat and crack your skull.”

Updated at 8:16 a.m.

For the latest news, weather, sports, and streaming video, head to The Hill.


First when film #RUST had that shooting and the cinematographer’s death took front and center with Republicans piling on actor #alecbaldwin because of his liberal take on issues, I thought “this is just bullshit. Nothing will become of it. Rest in Power to the woman who died”. But This problem with BLANKS in Guns and having an ARMORIST on set has been long time coming imo.

Obviously I was not on set when Alec pointed the gun at Halyna and then pulled the trigger. He is saying he didn’t pull the trigger but then how did the bullet get out of the gun? Was Beetlejuice there to do the mischief? Why was a real bullet in the gun? The Amorist Gutierrez-Reed was in charge of that gun she and Baldwin are looking at #INVOLUNTARYMANSLAUGHTER – MAX of 18 MONTHS IN PRISON.

Now 3 other people are suing Baldwin for #PTSD because of the shooting. The highlighted word is where you can find the article. Frankly I find fault with the entire production team and unfortunately for Baldwin he is a producer on this film. He stands to benefit from it’s completion and release.

Baldwin is also the father of 7 and the grandfather of 1 by his daughter Ireland whose mom is #kimbasinger. Honestly, and I do not know him nor do I care to, he and his baby making machine he married are going to be in hot water if he goes to jail for 18 months. Even one month will kill Baldwin’s career. He will go the way of #tomsizemore working with has beens, never weres if he goes to jail. My advice to Alec – wear a condom.

Alec Baldwin & his 7 kids with baby maker mom

TOM SIZEMORE was, for a very long time, one of my favorite character actors in Hollywood. I did know him as a person and it seems he was not a very good person from what I have read. Because of his drug use and alcoholism and many treks to rehab he is braindead. Really sad to read that article that his family is planning how to end his life. Even #robertdeniro tried to help this guy but he went right back to boozing and drugging so rehab did not help.

Hollywood can do one of 3 things to people-1)make you a star, 2) make you dead, 3)drive you back to your home state. I took #3 for the win because NOW Hollywood is coming back East in 2023 – to NJ with studios from #Netflix and #LIONSGATE coming back east to do so.

This is how I will always remember #tomsizemore


JAMES TUBBS is a 26 year old TRANSGENDER INMATE IN A CALIFORNIA PRISON. However he is only TRANSGENDER SO HE CAN GAIN FREE ACCESS TO FEMALE CHILDREN THAT HE CAN RAPE. As a man he has raped several children under the age of 18 and in jail he became trans so he can then be placed in a female jail and get a lighter sentence.

But this case is not really about TUBBS. It’s about the LOS ANGELES DA George Gascon who recently suspended one of his staff because that person pointed out exactly what I did above. Now Gascon is using is office to undermine this prosecutor and have him fired. For what exactly? (WAIT FOR IT)

L.A. DA Gascon Suspends Prosecutor for Misgendering, ‘Deadnaming’ Child Molester


Well Gascon does not like him so he is trying to get him fired by any means necessary. This is what happens when you misuse your office to hurt people instead of doing good.

Most importantly – this guy TUBBS still has his penis, still identify as male and uses his male name in JAIL – I don’t blame him. No one wants to get rear ended in the shower. But they should NOT be allowed to be trans gender on our taxpaying dime and they should NOT be allowed to be transgender to gain access to females under 18 for purposes that are illicit.

This is not the fault of the Democrats but it is however the fault of perverse people within the gay community = ie – transmental morons who think this kind of behavior is great and who allows transmental people like tubbs who is evil to the core allowing him access to children. he is a murderer and a pedophile. He will never come back from that. He murdered a homeless man in the woods by hitting him with a rock. Then he is in prison and gloates that he will get off lightly….

If I lived in LA (I did live there for 6 long years) and I never want to go back there. It’s the pitts and people live on top of one another in the canyons and in the Valleys they are always looking for more work and there is none unless you are in Entertainment. I was always working but there were times of long waits in between jobs. So – not in favor of LA.

People voted this character GASCON into office. California – have another recall!



Recently NOTORIOUS CHILD MURDERER #KYLERITTENHOUSE was on the podcast of another NOTORIOUS CHILD ASSHOLE #DONALDTRUMPJR talking about how he was 100% sure that 92 year old billionaire, worth 6.9B, #GEORGESOROS (not #georgesantos) was responsible for paying off prosecutors in his trial. His trial was for his shooting with his assault weapon 2 unarmed white men. Had they been black he would be in jail where he belongs.

#kylerittenhouse guarantees but is not 100% sure that Soros was behind the prosecutors paycheck when he was brought up on charges of murdering those two protestors. Then someone else on the thread claimed #rittenhouse is rich by the tune of $50Million dollars. This is another #WRONGFACT. Rittenhouse is rich by $50 thousand dollars. Online platforms published the wrong amount and stupid people aka Trumpers and Republican traitors continue to mouth off these #wrongfacts.

I’m writing about #wrongfacts because there is absolutely no accountability on the side of the GOP. Rittenhouse is upset because he feels as if he is a patriot who was doing god’s work when he shot and murdered those two protestors. He feels this way because the jury of 12 ignored the #WRONGFACTS in his case & exonerated him. No accountability so he will continue to be a hero to the right until he really screws up and murders someone else. Not until then will the right run for the hills to get away from him. Rittenhouse is on a leash that will one day strangle him and it’s all his mother’s fault for teaching #WRONGFACTS.

People need discipline. They need FACTS to make good judgement calls. We make decisions all our waking moments, every single day, every single moment of every single day. Those decisions are based on facts. For example – I got up this morning and had coffee with half and half. FACT. I need to do the laundry today. FACT – these are personal facts. Here is an example of a WRONG FACT. “today I woke up and watched FOX NEWS and I heard that George Soros backed my trial opponents and supplied them with money to have me arrested.” USING LOGIC WITH REPUBLICANS & TRUMPERS TODAY DOES NOT WORK so you have to think like they do. #WRONGFACTS make sense to the GOP while they do not make sense to anyone else that is not REPUBLICAN. There is no such thing as a #WRONGFACT.



Donald Trump Jr.’s Interview With Kyle Rittenhouse Goes South In A Hurry


Lee Moran

Fri, February 24, 2023 at 4:34 AM EST

Donald Trump Jr. and Kyle Rittenhouse kicked off with a baseless claim on the Trump scion’s “Triggered” podcast on Thursday.

Rittenhouse in 2021 was found not guilty of homicide after killing two unarmed racial justice protesters in Wisconsin in 2020. He argued self-defense.

Talking with Trump Jr., Rittenhouse said the case had been “scary” because, without offering any evidence, he’d been “up against these George Soros-funded prosecutors.”

“Was that what was going on?” asked the eldest son of former President Donald Trump. “Were these guys getting some sort of backhanded donations?”

“I guarantee it,” Rittenhouse confidently responded.

Then he immediately backtracked, saying: “I don’t know for sure, I don’t know for 100 percent fact. But I guarantee. I’m sure of it.”

Trump Jr. has long been a fan of Rittenhouse, who since his acquittal has met with ex-President Trump and the GOP House caucus.

The Trump Organization businessman-turned-podcast host also encouraged followers to sign a card of support to send to Rittenhouse, alongside an AR-15 rifle, and shared online am edited image of his father awarding a medal to him.


Texas is in for a treat soon and Florida should be included. You keep sending other states your toxic rapist and pedophiles and murderous illegals and we’ll pipe down toxic water for you all to drink If you don’t already know this – the derailment and folllowing problems in Detroit by the Railroad is all the fault of DONALD TRUMP & GOP . Bottoms Up!


Toxic wastewater from Ohio train derailment headed to Texas

FILE – This photo taken with a drone shows portions of a Norfolk Southern freight train that derailed Friday night in East Palestine, Ohio are still on fire at mid-day Saturday, Feb. 4, 2023. Toxic wastewater used to extinguish a fire following a train derailment in Ohio is headed to a Houston suburb for disposal. Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo says “firefighting water” from the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment is to be disposed of in the county and she is seeking more information.(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar) (ASSOCIATED PRESS)


Thu, February 23, 2023 at 9:46 AM EST

DEER PARK, Texas (AP) — Toxic wastewater used to extinguish a fire following a train derailment in Ohio is headed to a Houston suburb for disposal.

“I and my office heard today that ‘firefighting water’ from the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment is slated to be disposed of in our county,” Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said in a Wednesday statement.

“Our Harris County Pollution Control Department and Harris County Attorney’s have reached out to the company and the Environmental Protection Agency to receive more information,” Hidalgo wrote.

The wastewater is being sent to Texas Molecular, which injects hazardous waste into the ground for disposal.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality told KTRK-TV that Texas Molecular “is authorized to accept and manage a variety of waste streams, including vinyl chloride, as part of their … hazardous waste permit and underground injection control permit.”

The company told KHOU-TV it is experienced in managing this type of disposal.

“Our technology safely removes hazardous constituents from the biosphere. We are part of the solution to reduce risk and protect the environment, whether in our local area or other places that need the capabilities we offer to protect the environment,” the company said.

The fiery Feb. 3 derailment in Ohio prompted evacuations when toxic chemicals were burned after being released from five derailed tanker rail cars carrying vinyl choride that were in danger of exploding.

“It’s … very, very toxic,” Dr. George Guillen, the executive director of the Environmental Institute of Houston, said, but the risk to the public is minimal.

“This injection, in some cases, is usually 4,000 or 5,000 feet down below any kind of drinking water aquifer,” said Guillen, who is also a professor of biology and environmental science at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Both Guillen and Deer Park resident Tammy Baxter said their greatest concerns are transporting the chemicals more than 1,300 miles (2,090 kilometers) from East Palestine, Ohio; to Deer Park, Texas.

“There has to be a closer deep well injection,” Baxter told KTRK. “It’s foolish to put it on the roadway. We have accidents on a regular basis … It is silly to move it that far.”

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who visited the derailment site Thursday, has warned the railroad responsible for the derailment, Norfolk Southern, to fulfill its promises to clean up the mess just outside East Palestine, Ohio, and help the town recover.

Buttigieg has also announced a package of reforms intended to improve rail safety while regulators try to strengthen safety rules.


$8/month for TWITTER if you want a verified account which is the little blue checkmark next to your screen name. Now Facebook and Instagram are rolling out even more expensive monthly subscriptions – for their part in the little blue checkmark verified signs for their platforms and it’s much more expensive than Twitter.

For #markzuckerberg, a guy who stole FB platform from his friends to go from son of millionaires to a self-made billionaire (even though there was theft involved) he has he gall to charge the following:

The monthly subscription service will start at $11.99 a month on the
web or $14.99 a month on iOS or Android.

Sincerely, this is the height of greedy. If you want to view your Facebook and Instagram on both the web and your cell phone it could well cost, you $27/month for the coveted blue checkmark. Otherwise, if you don’t have the checkmark, you will be hacked, people will impersonate your account and steal your followers and according to the article I read which is attached below my observations.

In addition to a verification badge, the service includes more
protection against impersonating accounts, increased visibility in
areas such as search and recommendations, and more direct access to
customer support, according to a news release.

I think this is insulting to the audience of people who frequent the internet and social media sites. I mean, why can’t every one of us verified or not have those Services? Why must we pay to be more visible and more protected. I think this against their collective community rules or at least, it should be.



Instagram and Facebook launch new paid verification service, Meta Verified

    February 20, 20232:50 PM ET


    Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, pictured in 2018, announced that Instagram and Facebook are launching a paid verification service called ‘Meta Verified.’

    Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

    Facebook and Instagram are launching a new subscription service that will allow users to pay to become verified.

    Meta — the parent company of Facebook and Instagram — said it would begin testing “Meta Verified” in Australia and New Zealand this week, with other countries soon. The announcement came on Sunday via CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram account.

    The monthly subscription service will start at $11.99 a month on the web or $14.99 a month on iOS or Android.

    In addition to a verification badge, the service includes more protection against impersonating accounts, increased visibility in areas such as search and recommendations, and more direct access to customer support, according to a news release.

    “This new feature is about increasing authenticity and security across our services,” Zuckerberg wrote.

    Currently, Facebook and Instagram allow users of popular and notable accounts to add a free badge noting the account’s authenticity.

    The move aligns closely with Elon Musk’s revamped “Twitter Blue,” which was unveiled in November 2022. Musk made the once-free blue check mark, noting a popular account’s authenticity, available to any user who paid a monthly fee, but had to relaunch the service in December after a flood of users impersonated companies and celebrities.

    Unlike Twitter, however, Meta clarified that there will be no changes to accounts which were verified as a result of prior “authenticity and notability” requirements.

    Meta Verified isn’t available for businesses yet, but that’s part of the service’s long-term goal.

    “As part of this vision, we are evolving the meaning of the verified badge so we can expand access to verification and more people can trust the accounts they interact with are authentic,” Meta’s news release said.

    Meta’s announcement to charge for verification comes after the company lost more than $600 billion in market value last year.

    The company has reported year-over-year declines in revenue for the last three consecutive quarters, though the most recent report may signify that the tides are turning.

    Zuckerberg said Meta’s goal was to focus on “efficiency” to recover. The company cut costs by laying off 13% of the workforce — 11,000 employees — in November, and consolidated office buildings.