HOW TO WRITE YOUR FIRST DRAFT LIKE A PROFESSIONAL SCREENWRITER is a beginners instructional manual that teaches the reader how to write a Treatment which will lead you to writing your own screenplay.

A Treatment is a map for you to follow when writing your screenplay. A treatment consists of a Logline, a Synopsis, Cast of Characters & a Scene by Scene outline of what you will be writing about. In the scene by scene you can write your dialog for characters, you can write the slug lines to indicate Interior or Exterior of a scene, who is in the scene and the time of day or anything pertaining to that scene.

Let’s say you wrote your treatment and the scenes came out to 120 scenes. Then you started on your actual Screenplay. You can stop writing your screenplay at any point to attend to other duties and then pick up where you left off by looking at your treatment instead of going through the script itself and continuing. The treatment allows you to remember what you wrote and want to include in your actual script.

what a treatment looks like

Our second E-Book is in development and it is called THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET and it is about our 20 yrs of adventures working as a Paranormal Investigative group called the New Jersey Spirit Society. This book will be online and there will be links to our you tube site where we will film all our EVPS and Pictures taken in correspondence.

The House Across The Street