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Minimum Wage Increase

The minimum wage increases in NJ every year. Freelancers like me then have to accommodate that rising cost to what we do. I, personally find it annoying because my rate hourly that has to either come down or fluctuate until I find a job that is willing to pay me what I’m worth.

Sincerely if you are a dishwasher or a fast food worker that’s really a part-time job. To have a career when should use the part-time job to go to community college and get out of that part-time job and get a better job. I don’t see why I have to be the one who has to change my rates to accommodate a rising minimum wage for people who don’t deserve it. Why should a fry cook get as much as me when they don’t have my education? The real answer is they shouldn’t. I understand what politicians are doing by raising the The wages but I don’t appreciate it. It puts me in a really bad situation with my family and my income. Finding a job is hard enough than having to now combat people who are uneducated getting the same rate as me. I don’t know how many people have the same problem as I do and I think every time I mention this to someone about my background my education and my experience I get the same answer “we want to hire somebody for a lower rate. “

And the reason for that is, they’re cheap. The companies are cheap they’re willing to train an inexperienced uneducated person to becoming what they want them to become. This is also a problem-let’s take my old profession bookkeeping. In bookkeeping I have seen and followed people into jobs where I had to rework their books because they didn’t know what they were doing and they were taught a certain way and the way they were taught was wrong. then when you try to educate these people on the right way to do things they argue with you. They get annoyed with you. They try to get you fired. But I wouldn’t be hired as a freelancer by their bosses if they were getting the results they wanted. I do have to say honestly most the people that I had to follow who didn’t know what they were doing were minorities. that’s not a racist statement it’s a statement of fact based upon my experience.

This also brings up the word “racism”. If you say something that someone doesn’t like you’re racist. to say that extends beyond The woke crowd and that’s on both sides left and right – will tell you you’re racist based upon just ONE comment. That is ridiculous. I will go so far as to say everyone is racist then based upon peoples comments.There’s also nothing truthful in the statement of “reverse racism“. This does not exist there is only one type of prejudice on race.

Statements of “reverse racism“. This is categorically wrong there is no such thing as reverse racism there is only racism. The meaning of the word has been misconstrued into meeting whatever the accuser is accusing you of. Also wrong. It happens a lot when people lose arguments they then resort to name-calling and the word “racism“ always comes up. how do we combat that to work with people on the left side of the aisle and on the right? You don’t you just laugh and walk the fuck away. they’re not gonna believe you they’re not gonna listen to you so why bother speaking to them. Let them live in their own tunnel world. Don’t we have too many things to do in life we have two much stuff on our plate to have to stop and try to explain yourself to someone who really doesn’t care about anything unless they’re winning the argument.