The main difference between a script for THEATER and one for FILM is the way the ACTION components fall on the page. The margins are also different depending on program you use to write your script. I use Movie Magic Screenwriter which was once called SCRIPTTHING for windows 10. This program comes in MAC & PC platforms and it does all the script components for you; all you need to do is WRITE.

There are 2 scripts I wrote myself; one I am rewriting which is a musical called FRESH KILLS-THE MUSICAL. The other script is a dramatic play in 2 acts called BROKEN.

VEGAS is a script I wrote with another person named John Pallotta, an actor and an acting teacher in Philadelphia, PA. When we both lived in NYC in 1990s we wrote VEGAS which is a story about two mentally challenged young adults living in East NY Brooklyn in the 1960s who meet and fall in love. Their union is objected to by the boy’s father who tries to disrupt their love by blocking their attempts to leave for VEGAS to get married.


BROKEN is a story about one man’s ordeal with police who come to his home to arrest him for domestic violence against his wife and the 8 hour standoff between them, which is based on a true story.


FRESH KILLS – THE MUSICAL is a story about a 300 year old gay, black, male vampire from Paris, France who has ocd attending the annual vampire ball inside Fresh Kills Staten Island city landfill which is cancelled due to covid 19 outbreak and citywide lockdown. His ordeal begins when he bites down on the neck of a neon colored mannequin in the middle of the night and breaks his fang causing him to look for a dentist with night hours before the sun rises. (reworking/in development)