Tomorrow will be a whole new year to look forward to. Wonder what it will bring. We have a lot of projects coming to fruition this year. We hope to make it the best year possible.

We fondly REFER to NYE as AMATEUR NIGHT. IF you are going out to celebrate tonight be careful – lots of kooks go out tonight and I think it should be named the 2nd MISCHIEF NIGHT; the first being HALLOWEEN.

We here at home have been battling colds for close to a month (DEC). Our business credit cards were used in a fraud but it has been weeks since we have heard about them. Supposedly they are coming sometime between now and next week. The Great Retired first lady of broadcast journalists died on Friday 12/30/22 – Barbara Walters. She was tough and she had to be because she was in competition with the “all boys club” of newsmen. While I dislike the TV show she founded #theview – She did give voice to a whole generation of conservative young people as well as liberal and middle of the road Democrats. There wasn’t a fake news when she was broadcasting, that’s for sure. #restinpowerbarbara.

Our Favorite Broadway Producer wrote us an email today including us in his NYE wishes for the year. He and his family are family to us. So I’m going to try and put pictures up here now as a thank you to all our actors, friends and family we have known throughout the year and continue to know for years to come.

Goddess bless you all and have a great & safe New Year’s! See you on the flip side.

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