So two of my actors for VEGAS Reading met on Sunday at his home in PA for the first time. It was if they were friends forever. They read together and it was a situation where MAGIC HAPPENED right in front of us. Our Art Director, Tina, took some videos and pictures. I have included them in this post. Below is Maro DeLo who plays bad guy ANTHONY (in the wife beater undershirt) and Shenendoah (in the blue henley) who actually does not need a last name but he has one – Thompson who plays Dominick. Scene 1 taken on a cell phone. It was our first time meeting Shenendoah so when he walked in the door on Sunday I leaned over to Tina and asked her “did you invite #bradpitt?” Ahhhh – I love my actors!

Shenendoah drove 2 hours to do this on Sunday. Guy’s a trooper and he is a referral by one of our other actors, Anthony Wilcox who plays COOKIE. I’ll always look at a referral first. I have never been steered wrong by referrals except for one person who shall remain nameless.

Those are NOT real cigarettes but Maro did put it behind his ear. LOL I think he burned himself. Don’t worry Maro, John said he’s gonna teach you how to use a cigarette since you don’t smoke.

Lastly, Today 3/7/23 – The boys have adopted each other as honorary brothers. These guys are good actors and funny, too! Both of these young men are musicians. This is #shenendoah’s instagram and this is Maro’s

AND if anyone is interested please follow COGNITIVE FUNGUS on #instagram here:


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