Adjoa Andoh’s Nasty Racist Comments about the British Royal Family is hypocritical since she is married to a British white man….

British actor ADJOA ANDOH said about the Royals “terribly white”. comment – see the link to the story

This is what I wrote a message on her Instagram (see Below)

Because you have limited comments on your instagram site – you have already lost this argument. Your comment on the royal family (btw royalty is dated and should be obliterated as it is 2023 & these antiquated people have no place in modern society-my opinion) is “terribly white”. You saying that is hypocritical considering you married a white man. Furthermore producer’s forcing writers to use black people in place of white historical figures is a lie. Making historical ANNE BOLEYN black for the BBC series ANNE BOLEYN is ridiculous. How would you feel if producer’s made the decision to hire a white actor to play MALCOLM X or worse – MARTIN LUTHER KING? That would be historically inaccurate and ethically wrong on so many levels. Just my opinion since you are protecting yourself against different opinions by locking us out on your instagram. Good luck with that. – Cat Patten

her hubby

2nd thing of note on my part – I made it through 20 mins of watching HAMILTON movie and then turned it off. There are too many folks on stage at one time. Hamilton was NOT a Puerto Rican from Inwood, all the historical characters of our founding father’s were not black yet they did own slaves except for Ben Franklyn and the only real white character was portrayed by a white man who played KING of ENGLAND GEORGE III. Of course minorities loved HAMILTON because they were the heroes of the play. Didn’t like it – and I hate RAP.

I did however like watching IN THE HEIGHTS – very accurate portrayal of WASHINGTON HEIGHTS in NYC where I was raised. It used to be the best neighborhood in the city – sadly, not anymore.
Cat Patten

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